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Comfortable housing and lifestyle - Residential Sector

Tokyo Gas continues technical development that further advances the usability of kitchens, baths, floor heating and other gas appliances in order to offer a more comfortable life to customers. In 2005, Tokyo Gas finally launched “a residential fuel cell system” that is able to generate electricity and hot water from town gas. Tokyo Gas will advance technical development for the sake of your ultimate comfortable daily life.

Hot water supply/heating/kitchens

Development of the new model of a residential fuel cell, "ENE-FARM" A new residential fuel cell model has been developed which is geared towards homes. The model went on sale in April 2015.
Development of FPS (fuel processing system) for ENE-FARM Tokyo Gas is developing a compact, low-cost fuel processing system.
Development and evaluation of plastic parts used with hot water Examining the adoption of plastic parts with the aim of reducing costs and weight for appliances that utilize hot water.
Promoting Eco-JOES as the de-facto standard for gas water heaters Helping to estbalish the de facto standard by expanding variations and improving ease of installation.
Development of SOLAMO, the gas-fired solar hot water system utilizing heat Utilizing solar heat for floor heating.
Development of MiSTY bathroom heaster/dryer with mist sauna function Using the abundant heat that is unique to gas hot water, and enjoying a full sauna.
Adding value to people's lives based on physiological and psychological evaluations Tokyo Gas is adding value to people's lives by making bathing, cooking and air conditioning more convenient.
Residential Kitchen Appliances Introducing various initiatives to propose comfortable kitchen spaces conducive to a fun cooking experience and resulting in delicious food.


Efforts aimed at increasing household energy awareness Efforts aimed at increasing household energy awareness
EneLook remote control Remote control for a water heater which shows energy usage at home.
Alarm R & D To protect our customers from any possibility of gas leakage, incomplete combustion of gas appliances, and fire, Tokyo Gas is working to develop and increase the reliability of alarm systems.

Technology supporting town and a society - Commercial and industrial sectors

In April 2003, the Rationalization in Energy Use Law was revised. Office buildings, schools, hospitals as well as factories are now required to strengthen energy saving measures. Environmental measures and energy saving have become the most significant issue for customers. With cutting edge technology, Tokyo Gas has been improving the efficiency of energy saving equipment/systems such as gas air conditioning, gas cogeneration, and developing “smart energy network system” which realizes energy-saving, cost reduction and environmental load reduction as well as realizes environmental measures.

Construction of smart energy networks

Smart Energy Network Introduction of the energy system that realizes a sustainable low-carbon society
Energy Conservation and CO2 Reduction through Networked Area Energy Use Networked Area Energy Use among multiple buildings leads to energy conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions.
Securing Energy during Power Outage If distributed power is utilized, essential buildings in a community do not lose their functions even in a power outage.

 High-efficiency, environmentally-friendly equipment and systems

Research and development of commercial kitchen appliances Conducting research and development into various industrial kitchen appliances in accordance with customer needs.
Analysis of convection and diffusion of exhaust gas from gas cogeneration system Using numerical simulations to evaluate wind flow through a group of buildings and the corresponding thermal environment.
Development of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis Dealing with Combustion Tokyo Gas is conducting CFD analysis to improve the energy-efficiency and environmental-friendliness of gas appliances.
Ultrasonic gas meters for commercial and industrial use Introduction of our latest gas meter for the accurate measurement of gas volume
The high-efficiency oxygen generating device "HT-PSA" Development of oxygen generation technology with an electric power consumption rate of an unsurpassed level
Technical Development at Tokyo Gas

LNG value chain and development of technologies at Tokyo Gas
Raw material procurement, city gas production
For the stable production of city gas
City gas supply
Toward the safe and secure supply of energy

Energy solutions
Comfortable housing and lifestyle - Residential Sector
Technology supporting town and a society - Commercial and industrial sectors
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