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The low-cost governor "REGIT Series"

Development of the exclusive low-cost governor “REGIT Series”: aiming to become the preferred provider of city gas


What is the exclusive governor?

The exclusive governor is a gas decompression facility exclusive to large-lot customers and installed at the customer’s premises for more highly efficient gas usage.


Objectives for the development of this product

With intensifying competition for electrification, the heightened interest in safety, and the changing situation surrounding the city gas business, Tokyo Gas has expanded its product lineup of gas decompression facilities to include the “exclusive governor” for large-lot customers as sales support to be chosen by customers.
Since exclusive governors are assets to be managed by individual customers, for smooth management, high-level safety functions, high responsiveness to cope with the usage requirements of a variety of equipment, and competitive price are required. To satisfy all of these requirements, Tokyo Gas developed and released the REGIT50, REGIT-mini, and the REGIT-AB.


What is REGIT Series?

The REGIT Series features 3 models.
  • REGIT50: For large-lot customers using low pressure gas. It features the simultaneous pursuit of high responsiveness and flat flow characteristics. (FY2005 Japan Gas Association Grand Prize winner for technology)
  • REGIT-mini: For customers using low pressure gas (less than 120m3N/h). The RGIT-mini boasts fully equipped safety features in a compact unit.
  • REGIT-AB: For customers using medium-pressure B gas for industrial use. This model features high supply continuity and high responsiveness. (FY2009 Japan Gas Association Technology Award winner)



Customer appropriate governors are as follows:

REGIT Series' capabilities and pressure zones are as follows.
REGIT50 and REGIT-AB: low pressure with the adaptability for customers with multiple boilers of medium-pressure B.
REGIT Series capabilities and pressure zones
Inlet pressure Outlet pressure Design flow(㎥N/h)
Medium pressure A Medium pressure B - - 500
  Intermediate pressure 490 - -
  Low pressure 460 - -
Medium pressure B Intermediate pressure 275 120 -
  Low pressure 250 120 -

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