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Toward the safe and secure supply of energy

Even as we work to ensure the safety and security of our customers, Tokyo Gas is also engaged in research and development to support our gas supply infrastructure, beginning with our pipelines, so our customers can continue to use Tokyo Gas with confidence in the future.  We are putting special effort into developing disaster prevention systems that can cope with major earthquakes and other disasters in order to ensure disaster resilient, stable gas supplies.

Transportation/supply technology

Evaluation of large deformation performance for gas pipeline Introducing technology used to evaluate seismic performance of welded steel pipes, which are widely used in gas pipelines.
FLEX Liner Method for Dealing with Aged Pipes Method for replacing old gas pipes using minimal excavation.
Underground pipe exploration equipment: "Tansa-kun" and an "Acoustic Vibration-type Survey Device" Tokyo Gas introduces a system for locating buried
Temporary backfill "Eco-balls" Eco-balls are used to help reduce the surplus soil and dump truck emissions produced by gas utility construction works excavations.
The low-cost governor "REGIT Series" Tokyo Gas introduces pressure reduction facilities to help large customers use gas at a higher efficiency.
Gas recovery technology for replacing gas meters A simple and easy gas recovery method for replacing gas meters in high-rise condominiums and basements
An Emergency Operations Support System – EAGLE 24 The introduction of an integrated system that manages emergency operations such as gas leaks.
Advanced safety technology (gas leakage, diffusion, and explosion) Conducting research and technology development related to gas leakage, diffusion and explosions to support further advancements in safety.
Gas analysis technology Leveraging a wide range of analysis technologies such as fully automated analysis and trace analysis to secure high-quality gas.
Analysis technologies that support reassuring, safe and reliable gas services We support reassuring and safe gas services by making full use of a wide range of analysis technologies such as materials evaluation and chemical analysis.

Disaster prevention technology

Ultrahigh Density Real Time Earthquake Disaster Prevention System – SUPREME This introduces a disaster prevention system to stop gas at the time of an
earthquake safely.
Earthquake Information Dissemination System – SONAR The SONAR system disseminates earthquake information to employees without delay, while collecting information on their safety and mobilization.
Emergency Communication Host System (ECHO) This is a system to conduct simultaneous announcement from the supply operation center to safety offices by sound broadcasting and facsimile in an emergency situation.

Technical Development at Tokyo Gas

LNG value chain and development of technologies at Tokyo Gas
Raw material procurement, city gas production
For the stable production of city gas
City gas supply
Toward the safe and secure supply of energy

Energy solutions
Technology supporting town and a society - Commercial and industrial sectors
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