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For the stable production of city gas

Tokyo Gas produces city gas at four different plants (Negishi, Sodegaura, Ogishima, and Hitachi ) in order to provide our customers with stable supplies. Based on our accumulated knowledge and long years of experience, we safely operate our LNG terminals using our numerous proprietary technologies relating to terminal design, construction, operation and maintenance. At the same time, we are continuously pushing improvements and refinements to further increase safety and security.

LNG technology

Basic Design of LNG Receiving Terminals LNG terminals are designed utilizing our years of experience of operation and maintenance.
Operation & Maintenance Technologies for LNG Terminals Tokyo Gas has operations and maintenance expertise and technologies backed by years of experience.
Facility Diagnostics for LNG Terminals Tokyo Gas develops and uses various kinds of facility diagnostics suited to LNG facility maintenance.
Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Ultra-Low Temperature Fluids Clamp-on flow meter for ultra-low temperature fluids requiring no special pipe alterations to install
Waterless LNG Sampling System Compact, automated gas sampling system with waterless holder for LNG composition analysis
In-Ground LNG Tank The world’s largest in-ground LNG storage tank, with a capacity of 250,000 kl, was completed at the Ohgishima Terminal.
Compact, Lightweight Submergible Observation Device for LNG Tanks Tokyo Gas has developed a compact and lightweight submergible system for visual inspection in LNG tanks.
Liquid Density Meter for LNG Tanks System for measuring the fluid densities in LNG tanks to prevent rollover
LNG-BOG Reliquefaction Technology Low-cost pressurizing process that uses LNG cold energy to reliquefy BOG and then pressurizes it when in a liquid state.
LPG BOG Suppression Technology Utilizing Cold Energy of LNG Process to supercool LPG with LNG cold energy to reduce LPG BOG generation
Power Supply Technology for Submergible LNG Pumps 6kV cable usable in LNG, feed-through bushing, and easily attachable connector
Vibration Diagnostic System for Rotating Machinery Facility diagnostic system that detects abnormalities in rotating machinery by monitoring their vibration online.
New Environmental-Friendly CFC-Free Insulation Environmental-friendly insulation using carbon dioxide instead of CFCs as foaming agent
Open Rack LNG Vaporizer High-performance ORV optimized for heat transfer efficiency in a lower cost, space-saving package
Hot Air Draft Super Heater with Air Fin LNG Vaporizer for Satellite Stations Lower cost, energy-saving air fin type LNG vaporizer usable in cold regions
DV & M Calorific Value Adjustment System Calorific adjustment method for adjusting calorific value by spraying liquid LPG into vaporized LNG
Safety & Disaster Prevention Analysis Software PC-based safety and disaster prevention analysis software for calculating the concentration distribution of diffused gas and intensity of radiant heat received.
Calorific value fluctuation control system for LNG satellite terminals Using adsorption materials to control calorific value fluctuations resulting from vaporizers at small LNG satellite terminals at low costs.

Technical Development at Tokyo Gas

LNG value chain and development of technologies at Tokyo Gas
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For the stable production of city gas
City gas supply
Toward the safe and secure supply of energy

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