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Intellectual property activities

Basic policy

Tokyo Gas has established the following two basic policies regarding intellectual property activities in order to smoothly perform the business operations of Tokyo Gas Group without infringing on other intellectual property rights.
1.Acquisition and effective utilization of intellectual property rights

Tokyo Gas aims to acquire and utilize intellectual property rights for expanding its business activities. More specifically, we obtain intellectual property rights based on our technology development for our business in the future. And we also make maximum use of our intellectual property rights while taking into consideration alliances with external partners so that we can provide the best possible services and products to our customers.

2.Reinforcement of intellectual property risk management

Tokyo Gas prevents from infringing rights by other parties and conducts risk management of intellectual property to avoid the risk of lawsuits. In addition, we operate a reward system to sufficiently secure rationality and transparency in employee inventions as required by the Patent Act.

Patent application results

Technological field FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Challenge for the future society 46 77 56
Technology supporting town and a society - Commercial and industrial sectors 27 36 78
Comfortable housing and lifestyle - Residential Sector 20 87 60
For the stable production of city gas/ Safe and secure energy supplies 33 30 31
Total 126 230 225

Patent registration results

  FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Jointly owned with other organizations 88 82 71
Owned only by Tokyo Gas 51 100 84
Total 139 182 155

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