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Introducing our Research Centers

Yokohama Techno Station

At our Yokohama Techno Station we develop the fundamental technologies that will support Tokyo Gas operations both today and tomorrow. Yokohama Techno Station
Yokohama Research Institution

At Yokohama Research Institution, Fundamental Technology Research Institute and Application Research Institute are developing unique technologies, including key technologies, so that we develop as a comprehensive energy company of the future.
Technical Innovation Section

We are pursuing technical development to put in place a pipeline network that can provide gas reliably and efficiently, ensuring an energy environment that is both comfortable and safe for our customers.
[The History of the Technical Innovation Section]
Our Technical Innovation Section was established in 1980 with the goal of comprehensively carrying out technical development on pipelines. Ever since its founding, it has continued to develop new technology for constructing and maintaining our vast pipeline network ever more safely and efficiently.

[Major Areas for Technical Development]
We are engaged in far-reaching R & D in the following areas in our pursuit of world-leading technology.
  • Supply technology, disaster (earthquake/tsunami, etc.) countermeasure technology, civil engineering & construction technology, maintenance technology, analysis technology, meter technology and engineering.

Senju Techno Station

At Senju Techno Station, Tokyo Gas works on short and medium-term technology development related to residential, commercial and industrial applications. In the residential field, we engage in development of new products (e.g., fuel cells) that can enrich the lives of our customers, and conduct activities related to customer reassurance and safety. 
In the commercial and industrial fields, we develop equipment and systems for a wide range of industrial fields, including co-generation systems, air conditioning equipment, hot-water appliances and commercial kitchen appliances, as part of our gas-driven technologies that are distinguished by high performance and efficiency. In addition, we also operate commercial hydrogen refueling stations.

Senju Techno Station

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