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Analysis of convection and diffusion of exhaust gas from cogeneration

Following the installation of a gas co-generation system, we evaluate the change in surrounding thermal environment by using numerical simulations.



The temperature and wind flow through city districts changes based on seasonal weather conditions, making it difficult to experimentally evaluate changes in the environment surrounding a gas co-generation system after installation.
Tokyo Gas uses numerical simulations to enable environmental analysis that takes into consideration various wind flow and solar radiation intensity assumptions.     


Generally speaking, it takes an enormous amount of time to obtain results for simulations that cover a wide area such as a city block. For this reason, Tokyo Gas has added proprietary improvements to conventional calculation methodologies, and worked to deliver favorable results in a short period of time even for large-scale simulations such as redevelopments of entire districts.   



We strive to establish high-precision analysis methodologies that can be performed in a short period of time, and seek to improve these so that we can make even larger contributions to urban development than in the past.

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