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Vibration Diagnostic System for Rotating Machinery


The purpose of this rotation machine vibration diagnosis system is to reduce maintenance costs and minimize the impact on operations by monitoring axle vibration of rotation machines and by preventing damages to apparatus from occurring by detecting signs of abnormalities beforehand. Its base is made of oscillating data and historical data on operations and maintenance accumulated over an extended period. The outline of the system's configuration is shown in Figure(System configuration) .
System configuration



The system’s many functions include an alarm that automatically determines whether a serious or minor failure has occurred based on readings and notifies the operator accordingly, a diagnostic function that estimates when inspections should be performed on the basis of past readings, and a database that correlates the times and details of regular maintenance of each machine with readings. This information is conveniently displayed graphically onscreen. Sample screenshots are shown in Figures(Operating status display and alarm screen, Running time trends and power spectrum).
Operating status display and alarm screen

Running time trends and power spectrum

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