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Earthquake Information Dissemination System – SONAR

The SONAR system disseminates earthquake data collected by SUPREME only a few minutes after the occurrence of an earthquake. In addition to its efforts toward the prompt dissemination of information to employees via e-mail, the system issues emergency call-out orders and confirms the safety of employees.



The SONAR system promptly notifies employees of an earthquake and supports the transition to the emergency management system.


System Outline

The SONAR system transmits information from SUPREME to registered e-mail addresses. Employees can instantaneously judge whether an earthquake has reached the mobilization standard in order to initiate the appropriate response without delay. The system also collects information on the safety and availability for mobilization of employees on a website to assist the emergency management system within the company. With a task to report damage information regarding fires and the collapse of structures in surrounding areas, this system is capable of gathering extensive reference information from employees to determine whether the town gas supply should be interrupted.

Earthquake disaster prevention

The SONAR system provides employees with earthquake information and confirms their safety based on the Earthquake Disaster Prevention System, "SUPREME".



This mail distribution system utilizes our own earthquake observation network, and is able to accomplish information dissemination to employees and safety confirmations without relying on external sources for earthquake information.
The system also assists speedy disaster response by facilitating information sharing with Tokyo Gas affiliates involved in disaster response services.

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