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Gas analysis technology

Tokyo Gas possesses technology to conduct highly accurate analysis of gas constituents, impurities and other elements, and its mission is the stable provision of reassuring and safe gas services to its customers. Leveraging a wide range of analysis technologies such as fully automated analysis and trace analysis, we strive to ensure quality management of our gas.


Analysis instruments

Fully automated gas chromatography device

Fully automated gas chromatography device
Tokyo Gas possesses fully automated technology that efficiently and swiftly analyzes gas. By properly combining five gas chromatography devices with three detector types and five column types, we are able to analyze the concentration range (from ppm to %) of hydrocarbons (C1 to C8) for inorganic gases using only a single sample. Because we can analyze multiple parameters at once in a fully automated fashion, the analysis can be completed in a short time of roughly 15 minutes.   

 Examples of applications 
  • Calorimetry for supplied gas, biogas, etc. 
  • Analysis of unknown gas, exhaust gas, etc.

Concentrating GC-MS/SCD equipment

Concentration process

Tokyo Gas possesses technology that performs qualitative and quantitative analysis of gas composition on a scale of ppb (parts per billion). We can concentrate the constituents we wish to measure in the sample using a concentrator, resulting in unprecedented, high-sensitivity analysis.

 Example of application 
  • Analysis of gas trace components


Gas analysis technology continues to evolve every day supported by the need to consistently provide high-quality gas. In addition to the measurement equipment introduced above, we also leverage a wide range of analysis technologies including hydrogen analysis and infrared spectroscopy equipment to deliver reassuring and safe gas services to our customers.

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