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Earthquake disaster prevention & stable supply

Tokyo Gas engages in research and development that supports LNG terminals, pipelines and other gas supply infrastructure with the goals of providing stable city gas services to its customers, delivering reassurance and security to its customers, and ensuring customers can use city gas with peace of mind.
In addition, we also develop disaster prevention systems from major earthquakes and other disasters with the aim of realizing stable gas supply that is resilient to such disasters.

Stable supply

Basic Design of LNG Receiving Terminals LNG terminals are designed utilizing our years of experience of operation and maintenance.
Operation & Maintenance Technologies for LNG Terminals Tokyo Gas has operations and maintenance expertise and technologies backed by years of experience.
Facility Diagnostics for LNG Terminals Tokyo Gas develops and uses various kinds of facility diagnostics suited to LNG facility maintenance.
In-Ground LNG Tank The world’s largest in-ground LNG storage tank, with a capacity of 250,000 kl, was completed at the Ohgishima Terminal.
Compact, Lightweight Submergible Observation Device for LNG Tanks Tokyo Gas has developed a compact and lightweight submergible system for visual inspection in LNG tanks.
Liquid Density Meter for LNG Tanks System for measuring the fluid densities in LNG tanks to prevent rollover
Vibration Diagnostic System for Rotating Machinery Facility diagnostic system that detects abnormalities in rotating machinery by monitoring their vibration online.
Safety & Disaster Prevention Analysis Software PC-based safety and disaster prevention analysis software for calculating the concentration distribution of diffused gas and intensity of radiant heat received.
Calorific value fluctuation control system for LNG satellite terminals Using adsorption materials to control calorific value fluctuations resulting from vaporizers at small LNG satellite terminals at low costs.
Evaluation of large deformation performance for gas pipeline Introducing technology used to evaluate seismic performance of welded steel pipes, which are widely used in gas pipelines.
FLEX Liner Method for Dealing with Aged Pipes Method for replacing old gas pipes using minimal excavation.
Gas recovery technology for replacing gas meters A simple and easy gas recovery method for replacing gas meters in high-rise condominiums and basements
An Emergency Operations Support System – EAGLE 24 The introduction of an integrated system that manages emergency operations such as gas leaks
Gas analysis technology Leveraging a wide range of analysis technologies such as fully automated analysis and trace analysis to secure high-quality gas.
Analysis technologies that support reassuring, safe and reliable gas services We support reassuring and safe gas services by making full use of a wide range of analysis technologies such as materials evaluation and chemical analysis.

Earthquake disaster prevention

Ultrahigh Density Real Time Earthquake Disaster Prevention System – SUPREME This introduces a disaster prevention system to stop gas at the time of an earthquake safely.
Earthquake Information Dissemination System – SONAR The SONAR system disseminates earthquake information to employees without delay, while collecting information on their safety and mobilization.
Emergency Communication Host System (ECHO) This is a system to conduct simultaneous announcement from the supply operation center to safety offices by sound broadcasting and facsimile in an emergency situation.
Advanced safety technology (gas leakage, diffusion, and explosion) Conducting research and technology development related to gas leakage, diffusion and explosions to support further advancements in safety.

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Earthquake disaster prevention & stable supply
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