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Ultrasonic gas meters for commercial and industrial use



Gas meters are an important element in the gas supply infrastructure, and Tokyo Gas works with gas meter manufacturers to develop meters which are more reliable and economical. This ongoing collaboration has now resulted in the development Ultrasonic Gas Meters for commercial and industrial use.



The volume of gas used by each customer is measured with gas meters and gas rates which are based on each contract are used for billing. For this reason, it is highly important that gas meters are accurate and reliable for a long period of time. Additionally, optimal gas meters are necessary to precisely address the various customer gas volumes and pressure levels.
We have recently developed gas meters that utilize ultrasonic technology for measurement. More specifically, ultrasonic waves are transmitted to gas flow channels to measure the flow speed of the gas in order to calculate the amount of gas used.
The range of use includes target areas where significant demand is anticipated, including broadly distributed rotary meters for high flow volume areas and vortex flow meters for low flow volume areas.


  • No moving parts, superior durability.
  • With no protruding objects used on the inside of measurement pipes, pressure loss is reduced.
  • A wide flow range can be measured with one gas meter.


Although these Ultrasonic Gas Meters currently require a 100V power source, work is currently underway to improve circuit board energy efficiency and the ultrasonic measurement logic circuits so as to develop battery-powered meters which would do away with need for power source installation and allow for measurement to continue even during power failure.

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