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Ultrasonic gas meter for residence

The ultrasonic gas meter for residence, which was first introduced in 2005 as a new residential gas meter, is a smart gas meter using ultrasonic measuring technology that uses the time difference in propagation to measure gas flow. High reliability and a reduction in size have been achieved by significantly reducing the number of components compared with the conventional mechanical gas meter and by eliminating mechanical movable components from the measuring section.
As the smart gas meter can instantly measure gas flow, it is expected to improve customer satisfaction and the level of safety by enhancing the safety functions. Tokyo Gas will continue further technical development with the aim of strengthening its relationships with customers and providing a new service.



Three town gas companies, Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas and Toho Gas, first introduced residential microcomputer gas meters that were commonly installed in customers’ in 1983. Microcomputer gas meters are currently installed in almost 100% of houses around Japan and help to reduce gas accidents.

The microcomputer gas meter currently in popular use has a mechanical (diaphragm) measuring device. As the volume of a gas meter itself depends on the gas usage, it is difficult to significantly reduce the size. Therefore, considering the space required for installation and the design, there is strong demand for an electronic gas meter that can be made more compact. The ability to automatically read meters and to provide services via a communication network, which are areas in which the gas companies have directed their efforts, are believed to be popular in line with the rapid development of communication technology. Therefore, a gas meter that is compatible with communication networks and that can measure different types of information is in demand.

Against this backdrop, Tokyo Gas is engaged in joint development with Osaka Gas and Toho Gas, which also operate the gas companies, as well the meter manufacturer,, Toyo Gas Meter Co., Ltd. and Yazaki Energy Systems, Inc., and Panasonic. A compact ultrasonic gas meter for residence that uses an electronic measuring system has been created thanks to new technology, such as ultrasonic flow measuring technology. This gas meter has been available on the market since FY2005.

Advances in communications functionality have been gathering pace, and next-generation ultrasonic gas meters fitted with U-Bus, a new communications method, are being installed. Tokyo Gas will use this device as a gas smart meter system in order to respond to the growing demand for remote monitoring and for monitoring in areas where access for meter reading is difficult.


System Outline

The external of the ultrasonic gas meter under being installed and the basic specifications are as follows.
Manufactured by Toyo Gas Meter Co., Ltd. Manufactured by Yazaki Energy Systems, Inc.
Manufactured by Toyo Gas Meter Co., Ltd. Manufactured by Yazaki Energy Systems, Inc.

Basic specifications
Gas type City gas(12A,13A)
Rated maximum usable flow 1.6m3/h to 6m3/h
Safety features Includes intelligent gas meter functionality
(built-in isolation valve, earthquake sensor, and pressure sensor)
Communications functionality In addition to a conventional automated gas meter interface, features a U-Bus next-generation communications interface
Power supply Lithium batteries
Intended lifespan 10 years



  1. Features the U-Bus next-generation communications interface, offering advanced compatibility with wide-area communications networks and next-generation communications technologies such as multistage wireless relay.
  2. Ultrasonic measurement of instantaneous flow allows use in networks and services where real-time response is required.
  3. The design features microcomputer meter functionality, and can be housed together with meters ranging from the model 1.6 to the model 6 meter. This has been achieved in a size less than one-third the size of a mechanical gas meter.

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