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Smart Energy Network

Active efforts are now under way throughout the world to create a low-carbon society.
And to this end, new energy applications are being explored for a sustainable society.
Tokyo Gas now proposes a "Smart Energy Network."

It's a system to realize energy conservation and CO2 reduction by combining renewable energy such as Photovoltaic, Wind turbine and Biomass with Gas Combined Heat & Power in an optimized operation applying ICT(Information Communication Technologies) for electricity and heat demand through Networked Area Energy Use.

Values provided by a smart energy network

Image of Smart Energy Network
Image of Smart Energy Network
Networked Area Energy Use mutually accommodates electricity and heat among multiple buildings. This system enables efficient use of electricity and heat utilizing gas CHP, leading to energy conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions.
If distributed power such as gas CHP is utilized, essential buildings in a community, such as hospitals and commercial facilities do not lose their functions even in a power outage.

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