You can pay your gas bill by account transfer, credit card, or simply by taking your gas bill to a designated window.

Account Transfer

  1. Account transfer is a way to make an automatically deducted payment from your designated account each month.
  2. If you wish to enroll in account transfer, please use our application form or other application form provided at your local bank or post office window.

Credit Card Payments

  1. This is a way to make a payment in which your credit card company will pay a bill for you, and charge you for a transaction later.
  2. You can apply the credit card payment by the following 2 methods.
    (1)Fill in the application form on our website.
    (2)Submit the application form to Tokyo Gas.

Information from Credit Card Companies

  • Please note that 2 monthly payments may be deducted at once from your designated account due to a relation between the accounting deadline of the credit card company and the meter reading dates of Tokyo Gas Company or other business affairs.

Information from Tokyo Gas

  • Charges for large quantities of gas, some selection clauses of the contract and heat cannot be paid by credit card.
  • While we send a copy of your gas meter reading each month, we do not issue an invoice or receipt. Please refer to your credit card company for an invoice.
  • Please pay already existing gas bills and other fees by current payment methods until your credit card application procedures are completed.
  • Please note that there may be a case in which we cannot provide you with a credit card payment option resulting from your credit card company's lack of confirmation of approval. In that case, we will notify you of the result and continue to use the current payment method to receive payments from you.
  • Any other fees which are set to be paid by the same payment method as a gas bill will also be charged to your credit card.

Payments by credit card below are acceptable.

credit cardscredit cards

Taking Your Gas Bill To A Designated Window

  1. This is a method in which Tokyo Gas will send a gas bill to you, wherein you will take it to a designated window to make a payment.
  2. Payable windows can be found at any convenience store and monetary facility such as banks or post offices.

Explanation of your bill

Gas Discount Options

(Gas appliances are used for household purposes only.)

If you have any of the gas appliances listed below, you can apply for our gas discount plans.
You need to submit the application form to Tokyo Gas to apply for our gas discount options.

For inquiries about how to obtain an application form, etc., please don't hesitate to call us.

» Tokyo Gas Customer Center

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