Suspension and Restoration of Gas Supply After Large Earthquakes

In the event of earthquakes, etc., the supply of gas may be suspended in some areas for the purpose of safety.


If there is no gas output after an earthquake, use the Gas Service Restoration Map to check if your gas use area is in a district where gas supply has been suspended

Gas Service Restoration Map



  1. If the gas supply has been suspended in your area
    The supply of gas has been suspended in some areas for safety. Please refrain from resetting the gas meter and wait until the supply is resumed. The status of resumption will be updated as soon as there are changes.
  2. If gas supply has not been suspended
    The safety device on the gas meter may be in operation. Please restore the gas meter manually. Be aware that gas equipment may become damaged and exhaust pipes (smoke stacks) may become dislodged as the result of an earthquake. Please refrain from use if there are any abnormalities.

» Instructions on how to restore the gas meter

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