Basic Policy

Adhering to the Basic Requirements for Purchasing revised in 2017, Tokyo Gas has developed trusting relationships rooted in highly transparent, fair, and equitable transactions with its business partners, and it is working with them to maintain and enhance the “Safety, Security, and Reliability” that are the hallmarks of the Tokyo Gas Brand.
To enhance customer trust, it is essential that not only Tokyo Gas Group but also its business partners practice compliance, preserve the environment, ensure occupational safety, respect human rights, and show concern for local communities. The Group has included provisions on transactions and relations with its business partners in Our Code of Conduct, and it is working to ensure awareness of and compliance with these provisions. To assist trust-based cooperation on purchasing activities with our business partners, we ask them to work with us on meeting the conditions set forth in our Purchasing Guidelines for Business Partners and Green Purchasing Promotion Guidebook. We have also established Environmental Common Specifications covering areas such as legal compliance, reduction of environmental impacts, and concern for occupational safety and health. Our business partners are informed of these specifications and required to comply with them every time that we place an order with them.

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