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The Tokyo Gas Group aims to be a true power source for people's lives, and for society.
Over 130 years, our work kept us in a kind of face-to-face relation with our customers.
Based on the accumulated experience and trust derived from that history, we want to help create a bright, safe, and pleasant tomorrow.
We will continue to be very close to our customers and be deliberate in taking action on their behalf.
Our efforts will be group-wide as will be our bold, confident approach to the challenges ahead.

Management Philosophy

As a leading energy company with focus on its natural gas businesses, the Tokyo Gas Group shall actively contribute to create a pleasant lifestyle and environmentally friendly society, maintain and enhance its trust from our customers, shareholders, and society.

Corporate Action Philosophy

  1. We will continue to grow while maintaining awareness of our company's public mission and social responsibilities.
  2. We will provide quality products and services, and always endeavor to improve customer satisfaction.
  3. We will hold ourselves to high ethical standards, and fairly and transparently conduct corporate activities while observing both the letter and the spirit of related laws and ordinances.
  4. We will contribute to alleviating global environmental problems as a leader in environmental management.
  5. We will remain keenly aware of our obligations to be a good corporate citizen and work towards the betterment of society by contributing to community activities.
  6. We will pursue continual innovation to promote a cost effective business approach that is both flexible and resilient.
  7. We will aspire to build organizations that are based upon the full exercise of and respect for the talents, desires, and creativity of each and every employee.

Our Code of Conduct

  1. We will constantly think and act responsibly as individual members of this “energy frontier corporate group” so that people will continue to trust our group and make it their first choice.
  2. We will constantly conduct business in a clear-cut and fair manner.
  3. We will deal with customers, business partners, shareholders, and all our stakeholders sincerely and equitably.
  4. We will respect diversity and individuality among our colleagues and create an inclusive working environment.
  5. We will act for the protection of the global environment.
  6. We will contribute to local communities and society as a good corporate citizen.
  7. We will handle information appropriately.
  8. While conducting business globally, we will not only comply with national and local laws and regulations and respect international standards on human rights and similar issues, but also engage in business activities in a manner that is sensitive to different cultures, customs, and stakeholders' concerns.
  9. We will act with integrity and decency as members of society, and maintain high ethical standards in our private lives.
  10. If we transgress this Code of Conduct or learn of a transgression, we will immediately report the matter to our workplace and rectify it.
  11. Executives and managers will lead from the front and take action themselves.

Environmental Philosophy

The Tokyo Gas Group will promote more sustainable ways of energy use to contribute to the protection of regional and global environments as well as to the sustainable development of society.

Environmental Policies

  1. Reduction of the Environmental Impact of Customers' Energy Use
    Tokyo Gas will actively and continuously attempt to reduce the environmental impact of customers' energy use by promoting the use of environmentally friendly energy (natural gas) and providing highly efficient appliances and systems.
  2. Reduction of the Total Environmental Impact of Tokyo Gas's Business Operations
    Tokyo Gas will continuously reduce energy intensity and resources used in its business operations through the implementation of efficient and effective environmental management to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. At the same time, we will reduce our business operations' overall environmental impact by aggressively promoting "green purchasing" and the 3R initiatives (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle).
  3. Strengthening of Environmental Partnerships with the Local and International Communities
    Tokyo Gas will strengthen its environmental partnerships with both the local and international communities by engaging in a wide variety of programs, such as participation in local environmental events and technology transfers to developing countries.
  4. Promotion of Green Technology R&D Programs
    Tokyo Gas will promote R&D programs for environmental technologies, including renewable energy, to protect regional and global environments.
  5. Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use
    Tokyo Gas will recognize the benefits of nature, and will monitor and mitigate the impact of our business activity on biodiversity, promote sustainable use of resources, and conserve biodiversity in partnership with local communities in order to ensure the continued enjoyment of those benefits in the future.
  6. Compliance with Environmental Law and Fulfillment of Social Responsibilities
    Tokyo Gas will comply with environmental laws, ordinances, agreements, and other relevant standards and regulations, and all employees will practice social responsibility in accordance with global standards.

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