Investor Relations

Ensuring the legality, soundness, and transparency of the management based on our Management Philosophy, we strive to clarify responsibilities of management and execution, enhance supervising and auditing functions, and promote accurate and prompt decision-making, efficient execution of business operations, in order to sustainable growth and improvement in medium- to longterm corporate value. In addition, Tokyo Gas and its subsidiaries direct their efforts toward lasting development by respecting the autonomy of each and sharing the pursuit of total optimization as their common cause.
In order to ensure appropriate business operation of the Tokyo Gas Group, the Basic Policy on Development of Internal Control Systems has been adopted by the Board of Directors and corporate executive officers have accordingly and effectively established the Internal Control Systems and have been operating them.

Response to “Internal Controls Reporting System”

To comply with the “Internal Control Reporting System” under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Tokyo Gas follows the internal control basic framework presented in Financial Services Agency standards, arranges and administers internal control related to financial reporting, assesses their effectiveness, and improves them as necessary. In the internal control report for the previous consolidated fiscal year prepared following this system, which found

Outline of Internal Controls Systems

  1. System to ensure that officers and employees perform their duties in conformance with laws, the Articles of Incorporation, etc.
  2. System to store and manage information regarding the execution of duties by corporate executive officers.
  3. Regulations and other systems on managing the risk of loss of the Group.
  4. System to ensure that the performance of duties by corporate executive officers is conducted efficiently.
  5. System to ensure appropriateness of business operation by the Group subsidiaries.
  6. Items regarding employees assisting with the duties of the Audit Committee.
  7. System concerning reporting to the Audit Committee and system to ensure effective auditing by the Audit Committee.