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Q1. When was Tokyo Gas established?
AOur company was established on October 1, 1885.
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Q2. When was Tokyo Gas listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
AIt was listed on the TSE in May 1949.
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Q3. On what stock exchanges is Tokyo Gas listed?
AWe are listed on the First Section of the stock exchanges in Tokyo, and Nagoya.
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Q4. What sorts of companies belong to the Tokyo Gas Group?
APlease see the page listing the members of our Group.
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Q5. What is Tokyo Gas' return policy to shareholders?
AThe new medium-term management plan clearly sets the target for the proportion of profits returned to shareholders at 60%. Under this approach, the proportion is defined as the amount of dividend appropriated in FY n within the net income of FY n and the proportion of the net total of the net income of FY n and the proportion of the net total of the amount of share buy-backs to be carried out in n + 1 FY based on the net income of FY n. Tokyo Gas aims to achieve 60% for the total payout ratio while keeping in mind a balance between dividends and share buy-backs.

As for previous share buy-backs, they were carried out with the objective of preventing dilution due to the conversion of bonds into shares. Tokyo Gas intends to continue repurchases of treasury stock in order to help improve shareholder value under the new medium-term management plan even after having completed repurchases to accommodate conversions.
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Q6. What is your securities code?
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Q7. What are the trading units for your stock?
AHundred shares.
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