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Tokyo Gas aims IR site to be readily accessible to anyone in any environment, and easy to use and understand. Hints to make use of the site more convenient are given below.

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Click the "print" button to print the page on A4 size paper.
Note: Only the main contents of the page will be printed - not the operational functions in the header and footer, or the navigation bar.

Use of RSS


Tokyo Gas provides new/renewal information to its site via an RSS feed. If you use an RSS Reader or an appropriately configured browser, you can access the feed and quickly ascertain any changes to the site.

Note: RSS is an XML-based format comprising data on headlines, summaries, etc., of a site. RSS is primarily used to distribute renewal information to a site, and its use is becoming quite common. Many RSS Readers and browsers can be downloaded without charge from various sources. Tokyo Gas is not, however, in a position to answer questions either about the use of RSS or about RSS Readers.

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The location of the current page is displayed in layers for easy understanding, direct return to any previous page, and so on.



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