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Challenge 2020 Vision

Action Plan

Strive to reduce raw materials prices and expand overseas operations

1) Diversify and expand raw materials procurement and overseas upstream projects

2) Construct an overseas LNG value chain

3) Pursue overseas expansion of energy services and engineering

Deliver a safe and stable supply of energy

1) Strengthen resistance to disaster and ensure safe supply

2) Upgrade and expand optimal infrastructure in step with the spread and expansion of natural gas use.

Provide energy solutions adapted to a variety of needs

1) Promote the spread and expansion of distributed energy systems

2) Promote the spread and expand gas equipment that contributes to peak saving, energy conservation, and CO2 emissions reduction

3) Build a “smart energy society” that uses energy wisely

4) Expand the electric power business (Natural Gas-fired thermal power generation)

5) Implement renewable energy initiatives

6) Promote advanced utilization of natural gas and fuel conversion

7) Promote the spread and expansion of natural gas use and nationwide development of energy services

Pursue technical development and IT utilization with a focus on the future

1) Develop technology for energy and the future

2) Use IT to enable closer communication with customers

Realize a leaner, stronger business structure.

- Build an optimal business performance organization from the whole Tokyo Gas Group.

- Ensure the suitable conduct of all group personnel.

- Strategically manage overheads, control infrastructure costs, and pursue the establishment of efficient facilities.

- Develop and reinforce human resources throughout the group to enhance the LNG value chain.

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