Progressing Toward
Net-Zero CO2

The Tokyo Gas Group is working toward achieving Net-Zero CO2 by increasing the efficiency of natural gas usage to minimize CO2 emissions and by applying the Company's CO2 technology and expertise for decarbonization and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) in the electric power and thermal sectors.

Achieving the 2030 Target

The Tokyo Gas Group is reducing CO2 emissions by improving natural gas usage efficiency, increasing the use of renewable energy resources, and using CCUS technologies. We aim to have helped reduced carbon emissions by 17 million tons in 2030 across all our business activities worldwide.

Total Japan CO2 Emission Volume for All Energy Sources Total Japan CO2 Emission Volume for All Energy Sources

Achieving Net-Zero CO2

We are applying our technologies and expertise for the efficient use of natural gas to advance decarbonization in the electricity and heat sectors and for CCUS. The Tokyo Gas Group is determined to use its unique capabilities to achieve Net-Zero CO2 by zero-carbon-emission energy and by balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal through reduction, absorption, and offsetting.

Zero CO2 Emissions
  • Supply and use electric power generated from renewable energy sources
  • Supply and use carbon free or carbon neutral gas (such as hydrogen and methanation)
Offsetting CO2 to Zero

Reducing Emissions

  • Switch to natural gas fuels
  • Make gas equipment more efficient
  • Increase use of fuel cells and gas cogeneration equipment
  • Expand use of energy efficient systems, such as smart energy networks, across all networks

Carbon Absorption and Offsetting

  • Use carbon neutral LNG (for carbon credits)
  • Increase carbon capture, use, and storage
  • Implement various CO2 absorption and offsetting measures

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