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Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report 2016

Environmental Report - Environmental Management
Continual Improvement of Environmental Management System

In order to promote environmental protection activities in line with our Management Philosophy, Corporate Action Philosophy, Our Code of Conduct, and Environmental Policies, Tokyo Gas has developed and is operating an environmental management system (EMS) that complies with the ISO 14001:2004 international standard. We ensure that resource and energy conservation and various other activities to protect the environment are practiced properly and systematically by applying solid PDCA principles, and these initiatives offer the additional benefit of reducing costs. We plan to be compliant with ISO 14001:2015 from September 2017. We will continue working to raise employees' environmental awareness and ensure legal compliance by promoting ISO-compliant business practices.

Environmental Management System 2016
Environmental Management System 2016

Efforts of the Group

Tokyo Gas Group has introduced EMS, including certification to ISO and Eco-Action 21 standards, at consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates and other group companies that have a major impact on the environment in order to enhance environmental management throughout the Group. Today 95% of the Group (in terms of sales) practices environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001 standards. Looking ahead, we will explore new arrangements for implementing EMS that are suited to individual companies' scales and lines of business as we construct our new group formation, and the Group will work as one in pursuing steps to improve the environment.

Status of implementation of Environmental Management System by Tokyo Gas and its consolidated subsidiaries (May 1, 2016)
Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. [ISO]
<Residential Sales and Service Division>
Living Engineering Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Gas Remodeling Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Gas Lease Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Gas Telemarketing Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Gas Living Line Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Gas Lifeval Nishi-Ota Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Gas Lifeval Minami-Setagaya Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Gas Lifeval Chiba Co., Ltd. / Capty Co., Ltd. (Residential Sales and Service Division) [ISO]
<Energy Solution Division>
Tachikawa Toshi-Center Co., Ltd. / Capty Co., Ltd. (Energy Solution Division) [ISO]
<Regional Development Division>
Tokyo Gas Energy Co., Ltd. / Enelife Carrier Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Auto Gas Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Gas LPG Terminal Co., Ltd. / Tochigi Gas Co., Ltd. [ISO] / Washinomiya Gas Co., Ltd. [ISO] / Shoei Gas Co., Ltd. [ISO] / Nagano Toshi Gas Co., Ltd. [ISO] / Tokyo Gas Yamanashi Co., Ltd. / Showa Unyu Co., Ltd.
<Pipeline Network Division>
Capty Co., Ltd. (Pipeline Network Division) [ISO] / Capty Tech Co., Ltd. ✽1 / Kawasaki Gas Pipeline Co., Ltd. ✽2 / Tokyo Gas Pipeline Co., Ltd.
<Regasification & Power Generation Division>
Tokyo Gas Baypower Co., Ltd. (Sodegaura Power Station) [ISO] ✽2 / Tokyo Gas Yokosuka Power Co., Ltd. / Ohgishima Power Co., Ltd.
<Energy Resources & Global Business Division>
Tokyo LNG Tanker Co., Ltd. [ISO] ✽2
<IT Division>
Tokyo Gas i Net Corp.
Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation / Tokyo Gas Communications, Inc. / Tokyo Gas Auto Service Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Gas Urban Development Co., Ltd. [ISO] ♯1 / Tokyo Gas Facility Service Co., Ltd. [ISO] ♯2 / Tokyo Gas Site Development Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Gas Liquid Holdings Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Oxygen And Nitrogen Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Carbonic Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Rare Gases Company, Ltd. / Japan Super Freeze Co., Ltd. [ISO] / Niccho Operation Co., Ltd.✽3 / Park Tower Hotel Co., Ltd. / Nijio Co., Ltd.✽2
(Total of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. and 43 consolidated subsidiaries in Japan)
[ISO] ISO14001:2004 certification
  • ✽1Included in the EMS activities of Capty Co., Ltd.
  • ✽2Included in the EMS activities of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
  • ✽3Included in the EMS activities of Japan Super Freeze Co., Ltd.
  • ♯1The ISO registration scope covers operational activities of the building of Shinjuku Park Tower (excluding the hotel).
  • ♯2The ISO registration scope covers the head office and the management division of the Park Tower.
  • In addition to the ISO-compliant EMS, the Group runs an "Eco-Action 21" program, an EMS program for subsidiaries and affiliates developed by Tokyo Gas, a LIFEVAL EMS program, and EMS programs developed independently by individual group companies.

Result of Internal Audit

In fiscal 2015, an internal audit of 50 divisions' conformance in the areas set forth in our internal auditing plan found no instances of non-conformance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 standards, and EMS was found to be functioning effectively.

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