The Purchasing Department of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. "the Company" usually selects suppliers on the basis of the Company’s guiding principles as follows:

1. Principle of Openness

It is the policy of the Company to purchase its goods and services both at home and abroad, insofar as the quality and the price of the goods to be purchased meet the Company’s requirements.
The simplest and most reasonable purchasing procedure possible will be followed.

2. Principles of Fairness and Equality

The Company will select the supplier fairly and equally on the basis of economic rationality, in consideration of its quality, price, reliability, delivery date, service, integrity with facilities, and the technological ability, management condition and actions for CSR comprehensively.

3. Principle of Mutual Trust

The mutual trust and co-prosperity of the Company and its suppliers shall be established through purchase transactions based on the principles of fairness and equality. We consider it is essential to have high-quality goods and services supplied steadily, on time, and at reasonable prices for the stable and economical supply of city gas. We believe that such supply should be based on mutual trust between the Company and its suppliers.

4. Consideration to CSR

(1) Practice of the Compliance

Both of the business partners must obey the Laws and Social norms about labor and human rights and corporate ethics.

(2) Environmental Conservation / Green Purchasing

The Company shall promote Green Purchasing towards realization of Recycling Society from the perspective of economy and environment.

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