The Company will offer the Basic Requirements for purchasing which should be accomplished based on mutual understanding between buyer and seller. We would like to ask for your cooperation.

1. Quality Guarantee

Products to be supplied should meet the requirements for quality and performance set by Tokyo Gas, and such quality and performance must last for a certain period of time to be determined on the basis of what is considered reasonable. Furthermore, all products to be supplied must be superior in terms of shape, structure, operability and maintenance system support.

2. Reasonable Pricing

The prices of the products to be supplied must be reasonable in light of the quality and performance of the product, the specifications, terms of delivery, purchasing quantities, payment terms and conditions, and the trend in market prices.

3. Delivery on Time

Suppliers must observe the contractual time of delivery specified by the Company.

4. Securing Safety

Products to be supplied shall be absolutely safe in their use and operation.

5. Maintenance and Service

Suppliers of the goods and services to be purchased by the Company must be able to provide inspection, maintenance, and repair services quickly and properly when required by the Company. The goods and services should therefore be designed and supplied with this requirement in mind. Suppliers must be capable of providing necessary parts and technical assistance quickly for standard repairs or in the event of an emergency.

6. Actions for Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”)

(1) Practice of the Compliance

We should obey the antitrust law, the subcontractor law and all related laws. Furthermore, personal information, confidential information, intellectual property and the like must be protected properly.

(2) Environmental Conservation (Green Purchasing)

We should take enough measures soften Environmental Impact for not making negative effect on the environment in consideration of Environmental Issues. So, the Specifications of goods and services must be based on our "Green Purchasing Promoting Manual" and "Environmental Common Specifications"

(3) Risk Control

The quick response to quality troubles and disasters is needed.

(4) Consideration on Labor and Human Rights

We should obey the Laws and Norms about labor and human rights, and must take measures for providing safe and clean workplace environment.

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