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Challenge for the future society

Looking ahead towards society of the next generation, Tokyo Gas proposes business in various fields based on our developed technology without being bound to just the gas business. For example, we are working to help reduce CO2 emissions, which contribute to global warming, by developing more efficient fuel cells and biomass technologies as well as pursuing realization of a future hydrogen-based society. Also, we are developing new gas smart metering systems which will allow for ONE to ONE communication with our customers.

Efforts toward a hydrogen-based society

Construction and operation of commercial hydrogen refueling stations Introducing our views and future policy on the construction and operation of commercial hydrogen refueling stations as well as hydrogen refueling stations that are currently in operation.
Creation of a new energy services business that utilizes a PEFC system Examining technology related to the production, transportation, storage and use of hydrogen that has very low emissions of CO2 at the manufacturing stage.
Moving toward the deployment of CO2-free hydrogen Aiming at creating a high-speed solution in geological sequestration by injecting micro bubbles of CO2

High efficient fuel cell system

Development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) We are aiming to the early-stage commercialization of the new energy supply system that contributes to a low-carbon society.

Efforts toward biomass

Methane fermentation system Introduction of biogas production technology using biotic transformation
Biogas Upgrading System Extracting methane from biogas.

Building a smart meter infrastructure

Development of a gas smart meter system Developing a gas smart meter system that achieves one-to-one communication with customers.
Ultrasonic gas meter for residence Introduction of the development of a smart gas meter in line with new communication technology

Search for new technology

Burning ice, methane hydrate Introduction of an attractive material that is expected to become a next-generation resource and a medium for storing and transporting natural gas


Aiming to improve our products and services through understanding customer needs

Tokyo Gas promotes technologies aimed at understanding our customers by studying their needs in detail for meticulous value proposals and service provisions. Studying the life styles of customers, we are able to create concepts which attract customers' in each time and place, and utilize the concepts for product development and improvements to services. Additionally, through the application of mathematical strategies, we are conducting development of products that feature high supplemental values and promote efficient business development.
Utilizing a mathematical approach for energy marketing Utilizing a mathematical approach to strategic planning and decision-making in energy marketing.
Technical Development at Tokyo Gas

LNG value chain and development of technologies at Tokyo Gas
Raw material procurement, city gas production
For the stable production of city gas
City gas supply
Toward the safe and secure supply of energy

Energy solutions
Comfortable housing and lifestyle - Residential Sector
Technology supporting town and a society - Commercial and industrial sectors
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Challenge for the future society
Challenge for the future society
Aiming to improve our products and services through understanding customer needs

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