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EneLook remote control

Tokyo Gas is adding EneLook functionality to its water heater remote controls so customers can see how much gas, electricity, and water they are using and being billed for and how much CO2 they are emitting in the home. This is expected to encourage more energy-conscious consumption.



Home energy management systems (HEMS) need to enter wider use to facilitate greater energy savings in the home.
Being able to see energy usage displayed in real time by HEMS is reported to lead to energy savings of 5%-15%.*
By adding energy usage displays to the standard water heater remote controls used in the home, Tokyo Gas aims to promote the spread of HEMS and contribute to more efficient residential energy use.
 *At the verification test with NEDO
Photo of EneLook remote control
Photo of EneLook remote control


System Outline

Current and voltage data from the panelboard and pulse signals from pulse output gas and water meters are processed by a power monitoring unit and sent to the water heater, which displays the received data on the remote control. If the customer does not have a pulse output gas or water meter, the amount of gas consumed and water heated by the water heater are displayed.
EneLook system chart
EneLook system chart



  • Energy use in the home can be checked using the remote controls for various types of water heater, such as TES, ECOWILL, ENE/FARM and a solar gas hot water system “SOLAMO”.
  • A target value can be set in accordance with the usage in each home. It is possible to manage the target energy saving by converting the usage amount into a rate and representing the data on a daily graph.
  • The display features popular children’s characters that encourage the whole family to reduce energy consumption.



At Tokyo Gas, we have standardized the EneLook functions for all of our kitchen remote controls. Meanwhile, we continue to develop ever newer features, such as a more user-friendly energy usage display method.

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