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Development of MiSTY bathroom heater / dryer with mist sauna function

In October 2004, Tokyo Gas launched "MiSTY", a bathroom heating drier with a mist sauna function. In October 2005, the company launched a new one with "micro mist" sauna. Since that time, the company has been expanding a variety of products available.



Installing MiSTY in the bathroom enables you to bathe in a completely new way. If you are unable to get into a bathtub, if you just want to take a shower or if you want to take a quick bath late at night or early in the morning, a mist bath enables you to quickly feel warmth retention and relax as if you were taking a bath.

Image of taking a mist sauna


System Outline

The mist is roughly divided into two types and classified by the mist particle size and way it is produced.
Image of mist particle classification

Splash mist

Tap water is heated in a heat exchanger using circulating heating water and sprayed from a mist nozzle.
Principle of creating the splash mist

Micro mist

(1)A water atomizing system:
As with the splash mist, hot water is heated by a heat exchanger and sucked up by a rotor, colliding against a water atomizing surface (Large mist droplets are returned to a receptacle).
Principle of creating a micro mist (water atomizing system)

Principle of creating a micro mist (water atomizing system (silky or clear))

(2)A hot water vaporizing system:
Water stored in a drain pan in the machine is pumped up and sprayed from a diffusion pipe into a heat exchanger. Mist that is vaporized by the heat from the circulating heating water, is emitted into the bathroom with warm air flow. (Water that does not become mist is recovered in a drain pan and recycled with a circulating pump.)
Principle of creating a micro mist (hot water vaporizing system)
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The humidification by warm air enables the mist sauna to have proper benefits, which include warming the body, promoting perspiration and exposing the body to moisture. In addition, mist sauna has confiremed benefits, which include cleanse the body, to moisturize the skin, to relax you and to reduce stress.



  • The interface (the remote control) will be enhanced and simplified to enable casual daily use.
  • Engineering refinements will improve ease of installation.
  • In addition to a mist bath, the new application of a mist sauna function is under consideration.

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