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Low-carbon society

Tokyo Gas contributes to the realization of a low-carbon society by promoting widespread adoption of city gas. The following introduces research and development geared toward further realization of a low-carbon society.

Shift to higher efficiency

Fuel cells

Development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) We are aiming to the early-stage commercialization of the new energy supply system that contributes to a low-carbon society.
Development of the new model of a residential fuel cell, "ENE-FARM" A new residential fuel cell model has been developed which is geared towards homes. The model went on sale in April 2015.
Development and evaluation of plastic parts used with hot water Examining the adoption of plastic parts with the aim of reducing costs and weight for appliances that utilize hot water.
Development of FPS (fuel processing system) for ENE-FARM Tokyo Gas is developing a compact, low-cost fuel processing system.

Water heaters

Development of SOLAMO, the gas-fired water system utilizing solar heat Utilizing solar heat for floor heating.
Promoting Eco-JOES as the de-facto standard for gas water heaters Helping to estbalish the de facto standard by expanding variations and improving ease of installation.

Commercial and industrial appliances

The high-efficiency oxygen generating device "HT-PSA" Development of oxygen generation technology with an electric power consumption rate of an unsurpassed level
Research and development of commercial kitchen appliances Conducting research and development into various industrial kitchen appliances in accordance with customer needs.
Creation of a new energy services business that utilizes a PEFC system Examining technology related to the production, transportation, storage and use of hydrogen that has very low emissions of CO2 at the manufacturing stage.

Utilization of renewable energy & Management of CO2 emissions
Methane fermentation system Introduction of biogas production technology using biotic transformation
Biogas Upgrading System Extracting methane from biogas.
Moving toward the deployment of CO2-free hydrogen Aiming at creating a high-speed solution in geological sequestration by injecting micro bubbles of CO2

Energy conservation

Smart energy network

Smart Energy Network Introduction of the energy system that realizes a sustainable low-carbon society
Energy Conservation and CO2 Reduction through Networked Area Energy Use Networked Area Energy Use among multiple buildings leads to energy conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions.


Efforts aimed at increasing household energy awareness Efforts aimed at increasing household energy awareness
EneLook remote control Remote control for a water heater which shows energy usage at home.
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Low-carbon society
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