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Gas Meter Reset Procedure

When you smell gas, keep Fire Away!
Danger! Risk of Gas Leaks.

  1. Open windows for ventilation.
  2. Turn off all gas appliances. Close all gas valves.
  3. Call the "Gas Leak Emergency Phone"

If you smell gas, never try the reset procedure below.

Gas Meter Reset Procedure(If you do not smell gas)

If you can't use any gas appliances and the red lamp of the gas meter is blinking, the safety function of the gas meter worked. Please try the following procedure. As the gas meter may vary, please refer to the procedure tag attached to the each meter.
If you cannot locate the gas meter, check it from here.

1. Turn Off All Gas Appliances.
Both Indoors and Outdoors.
2. Remove the Cap of the Reset Button.
3. Firmly, push the reset button all the way in and wait 2 seconds, then slowly release.
NOTE: A Red Lamp Lights Up and Starts Blinking Again. (A Red Lamp might not Light up or Blink.)
4. Wait 3 minutes without using any gas appliance.
After the Red Lamp Stops Blinking, You are Ready to Use Your Gas Appliances Again.
NOTE: If the Red Lamp Does NOT Stop Blinking, Please Try Again From 1.

If you still have any problems, please contact "Tokyo Gas Customer Center".
Phone: 0570-002211(Navi Dial; not toll free.)
Please dial the following, if you are from IP phone.

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