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When gas smells

When you smell gas, keep Fire Away !
Danger ! Risk of Gas Leaks.

  1. Open windows for ventilation.
  2. Turn off all gas appliances. Close all gas valves.
  3. Call the "Gas Leak Emergency Phone"

If you smell gas, never try the reset procedure.

Gas Leak Emergency Phone, by region

Note: Take care to select the correct number.
If you feel difficulties in communicating in Japanese, to report accurate situation, please ask your acquaintance who speaks Japanese to make a call.

24-hour Gas Leak Emergency Phone

0570-002299(Navi Dial; not toll free.)

Please dial the following, if you are from IP phone.


Note: Gas Leak Emergency Phone is only for emergency calls, including reports of gas leak.
Thank you for your cooperation.


  1. Do not use any ignition device, such as a lighter or match.
  2. Do not operate the switch of a lamp or fan.
    (Turning it ON/OFF may produce a small spark.)
  3. If you smell gas outdoors, close windows and doors to prevent it from entering the house. If necessary, inform your neighbors and advise them to evacuate.
  4. Keep yourself away from a place where you smell gas.


  • The gas is basically odorless, but we impart an odor to it so that anyone can detect a gas leak quickly.
  • The city gas supplied by Tokyo Gas is lighter than air, so gas leaked indoors is suspended near the ceiling.
    One type (called 6A) of city gas and propane gas are heavier than air, so they stay near the floor.
  • Natural gas, a component of city gas, includes no harmful substances such as carbon monoxide. Therefore, if you inhale it, you will not suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. However, such poisoning may occur when the air for combustion is insufficient during the use of a gas device or when the gas type is not compatible with the gas device.
  • Do not emit the gas without ignition, or explosion or fire may result.

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