President's Message

President Michiaki Hirose

For over 130 years since our founding in 1885, Tokyo Gas Group has been supplying city gas to the Tokyo metropolitan area and other regions, helping to make the lives of our customers more comfortable while contributing to the development of local communities.
In 1969, we were the first to introduce liquid natural gas (LNG) in Japan, and during the almost 50 years since, we have worked to establish and strengthen our LNG value chain and promote and expand the use of natural gas as an LNG pioneer and driver of change in the natural gas industry. In the process, we have built a strong reputation both at home and abroad.
Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, we formulated our Challenge 2020 Vision, and announced it in November 2011. The vision outlines Tokyo Gas Group's aim of achieving sustainable growth and development by enhancing our LNG value chain, contributing to improvement of Japan's energy security, reduction of energy costs, and reformation of energy systems while promoting energy integration and globalization.

At the same time, following the full liberalization of Japan's electricity retail market last year and the full liberalization of its gas retail market beginning this April, we have entered an era of unparalleled competition in the energy sector.
In this time of transformation, we have adopted a new corporate message expressing the mission of Tokyo Gas Group, “Supporting you always and bettering every day,” and shall make it a priority to live up to that ideal. During a time of change such as this, I believe it is more important than ever to return to the basics of the gas business: showing our appreciation for our customers and maintaining an unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of our services.

Going forward, Tokyo Gas Group will keep working to make the daily lives of customers more comfortable and convenient, help ensure that Japanese industries are thriving and competitive, and support the development of a safe, environmentally-friendly society. We will also continue to bear our corporate social responsibilities in mind and pursue fair and transparent management while coexisting with local communities.
We are also absolutely determined to use the full liberalization of the gas retail market as a starting point for pushing forward with sweeping reforms that will transform Tokyo Gas Group's business.
We are grateful for your continued support and understanding.

Michiaki Hirose
April 2017

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