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When an earthquake occurs

If an earthquake occurs and its seismic intensity is 5 or over, the gas meter (also called the maikon meter) automatically stops the supply of gas.
Remain calm and take appropriate action.

Earthquake! At that time

1. First guarantee your safety.

Dive under a desk and use a cushion or magazine to protect your head.

2. After the shaking stops, calmly extinguish any gas fire.

Turn the gas device OFF and unplug electrical appliances. Do not approach a gas fire when your house shakes greatly, as this is dangerous.

3. Do not operate any electrical switches, including that of a fan.

If you smell gas, neither ignite any device nor operate the switch of a fan or lamp.
Close the gas cocks, including the main cock of the gas meter, open the windows for ventilation, and contact Tokyo Gas immediately.

4. When you want to use the gas again

After the quake stops and there is no gas odor, open the main cock to use the gas.

When no gas is supplied, make sure the lamp of the gas meter blinks and reset it.

When a warning is issued

Even if an earthquake occurs and a warning is issued, we continue supplying the gas so as not to give our customers inconvenience.
Use it carefully.

Minimizing the use of fire
Do not use fire if possible.
Monitoring a place where fire is used
If using fire is unavoidable, do not leave it unattended, so that you can extinguish the fire anytime. In addition, make preparations, such as filling the bathtub with more water than usual and preparing fire extinguishers.
Closing the cocks of gas devices not in use
Make sure the cocks of gas devices not in use are closed. Moreover, check measures against collapsing furniture and fallen matter. Wear loose-fitting clothing so as to not restrict movement.
Closing the gas cocks, including the main cock of the gas meter, before evacuation
Before evacuation, securely close all gas cocks, including the main cock of the gas meter. In addition, make sure you have emergency goods.

Earthquake Disaster Prevention Measures

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