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Smart society

Tokyo Gas engages in technology development tailored to customer needs in terms of energy conservation, reductions in costs, reductions in environmental load and various services.

Smart energy network

Smart Energy Network Introduction of the energy system that realizes a sustainable low-carbon society
Energy Conservation and CO2 Reduction through Networked Area Energy Use Networked Area Energy Use among multiple buildings leads to energy conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions.
Securing Energy during Power Outage If distributed power is utilized, essential buildings in a community do not lose their functions even in a power outage.

Gas smart meters

Development of a gas smart meter system Developing a gas smart meter system that achieves one-to-one communication with customers.
Ultrasonic gas meter for residence Introduction of the development of a smart gas meter in line with new communication technology
Ultrasonic gas meters for commercial and industrial use Introduction of our latest gas meter for the accurate measurement of gas volume

Technical Development at Tokyo Gas
Low-carbon society
 Shift to higher efficiency
Fuel cells Commercial and industrial appliances Utilization of renewable energy & Management of CO2 emissions Energy conservation
Smart energy network  
Hydrogen refueling stations Use of by-product hydrogen  
Smart society
Smart energy network Gas smart meters
Earthquake disaster prevention & stable supply
Stable supply Earthquake disaster prevention  
Comfortable, convenient and secure living
 For districts
Organizational structure  
Track record of initiatives
 Technologies along with the LNG value chain Related Links  

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