Purchasing Guidelines

Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. (“the Company”)strives to practice its Corporate Action Philosophy by adhering to the following Purchasing Guidelines, which serves as the code of conduct governing purchasing activities.

  1. 1. Openness

    The Company will procure goods and services, both domestically and internationally, that meet the Company's standards for quality, safety, and cost, through procedures that are simple and easily understood.
  2. 2. Fairness and Equality

    The Company will select its suppliers in a fair and equitable manner on the basis of economic rationality, with due consideration to quality, price, reliability, guaranteed delivery, after-sales service, suitability with existing facilities, technological ability, financial health, and CSR stance. The Company is fully committed to complying with the laws and regulations prohibiting bribery, corruption, misappropriation, antitrust, and other illegal behavior.
  3. 3. Mutual Trust

    The Company will establish relationships of trust with its suppliers based on fair and equitable transactions and strive to maintain and enhance the safety, security, and reliability of its brand through mutual prosperity and cooperation. Indispensable to providing stable energy is the stable supply of quality goods and services from suppliers at fair prices and within the designated delivery periods, all based on mutual trust.
  4. 4. Commitment to Compliance

    The Company and its suppliers must fully comply with the letter and spirit of all relevant laws and regulations, social norms, and corporate ethics when conducting business transactions.
  5. 5. Environmental Protection

    The Company will work with its suppliers to protect the natural environment toward realizing a resource-saving society by adopting the perspective of environmental friendliness in addition to economic considerations. The Company will promote Green Purchasing in accordance with its Green Purchasing Guidelines and also to follow through with its Environmental Policies.
  6. 6. Occupational Safety and Respect for Human Rights

    The Company will work with its suppliers to ensure occupational safety and respect for human rights.
  7. 7. Consideration for Local Communities

    The Company will work with its suppliers to preserve the environment and ensure respect for human rights in local communities, while also striving to ensure their safety and security.The Company will actively engage in activities that contribute to the development of local communities toward the betterment of society.

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