Technical development


Toward more safe and secure products

Toward more safe and secure productsTokyo Gas delivers gas with reliable technology that provides customers with safe, secure and comfortable lives. Also, Tokyo Gas focuses on the development of disaster prevention systems for emergencies such as earthquakes.

Basic Design of LNG Receiving Terminals LNG terminals are designed utilizing our years of experience of operation and maintenance.
Operation & Maintenance Technologies for LNG Terminals Tokyo Gas has operations and maintenance expertise and technologies backed by years of experience.
Facility Diagnostics for LNG Terminals Tokyo Gas develops and uses various kinds of facility diagnostics suited to LNG facility maintenance.
Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Ultra-Low Temperature Fluids Clamp-on flow meter for ultra-low temperature fluids requiring no special pipe alterations to install.
Waterless LNG Sampling System Compact, automated gas sampling system with waterless holder for LNG composition analysis
In-Ground LNG Tank The world’s largest in-ground LNG storage tank, with a capacity of 250,000 kl, was completed at the Ohgishima Terminal.
Compact, Lightweight Submergible Observation Device for LNG Tanks Tokyo Gas has developed a compact and lightweight submergible system for visual inspection in LNG tanks.
Liquid Density Meter for LNG Tanks System for measuring the fluid densities in LNG tanks to prevent rollover
LNG-BOG Reliquefaction Technology Low-cost pressurizing process that uses LNG cold energy to reliquefy BOG and then pressurizes it when in a liquid state
LPG BOG Suppression Technology Utilizing Cold Energy of LNG Process to supercool LPG with LNG cold energy to reduce LPG BOG generation
Power Supply Technology for Submergible LNG Pumps 6kV cable usable in LNG, feed-through bushing, and easily attachable connector
Vibration Diagnostic System for Rotating Machinery Facility diagnostic system that detects abnormalities in rotating machinery by monitoring their vibration online
New Environmental-Friendly CFC-Free Insulation Environmental-friendly insulation using carbon dioxide instead of CFCs as foaming agent
Open Rack LNG Vaporizer High-performance ORV optimized for heat transfer efficiency in a lower cost, space-saving package.
Hot Air Draft Super Heater with Air Fin LNG Vaporizer for Satellite Stations Lower cost, energy-saving air fin type LNG vaporizer usable in cold regions
DV&M Calorific Value Adjustment System Calorific adjustment method for adjusting calorific value by spraying liquid LPG into vaporized LNG
Safety & Disaster Prevention Analysis Software PC-based safety and disaster prevention analysis software for calculating the concentration distribution of diffused gas and intensity of radiant heat received
Development of the exclusive low-cost governor "REGIT Series" Tokyo Gas introduces the development of pressure reduction facilities to help bulk power customers use gas at a higher efficiency
Evaluation of Ground Restraint to Gas Pipelines during Earthquakes A series of full-scale experiment and analytical study enabled a precise evaluation of the ground restraint to gas pipelines due to ground motions with an equal seismic level as it was observed in the Great Hanshin Earthquake.
TS type gas circuit breaker Tokyo Gas introduces a new material shutoff system with improved shutoff performance and reduced drilling range
Underground pipe exploration equipment Tokyo Gas introduces a system which specifies the location of buried pipelines without drilling
Temporary backfill Eco-balls We reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the creation of backfill at the time of gas utility construction work.
An Emergency Operations Support System – EAGLE 24 The introduction of an integrated system that manages emergency operations such as gas leaks.
Laser Methane Detector Tokyo Gas introduces the latest model of portable and remote gas leak detectors
Gas recovery technology for replacing gas meters A simple and easy gas recovery method for replacing gas meters in high-rise condominiums and basements
Development of a gas smart meter system Developing a gas smart meter system that achieves one-to-one communication with customers
Ultrahigh Density Real Time Earthquake Disaster Prevention System – SUPREME Ultrahigh Density Real Time Earthquake Disaster Prevention System – SUPREME
Earthquake Information Dissemination System – The system disseminates earthquake information to employees without delay, while collecting information on their safety and mobilization.
Emergency Communication Host System (ECHO) This is a system to conduct simultaneous announcement
from the supply operation center to safety offices
by sound broadcasting and facsimile in an emergency situation.
Advanced safety technology (gas leakage, diffusion, and explosion) We aim to achieve further advancements in our safety protection technologies through a deepened understanding of city gas leakage, diffusion, and explosion phenomena.
Ultrasonic gas meter for residence Introduction of the development of a smart gas meter in line with new communication technology
CalcRad:Three-Dimensional Radiation Analysis Code The thermal environment of floor heating is assessed by high-precision radiation coding.