Technical development


Technology supporting town and a society - Commercial and industrial sectors

Technology supporting town and a society - Commercial and industrial sectorsIn April 2003, the Rationalization in Energy Use Law was revised. Office buildings, schools, hospitals as well as factories are now required to strengthen energy saving measures. Environmental measures and energy saving have become the most significant issue for customers. With cutting edge technology, Tokyo Gas has been improving the efficiency of energy saving equipment/systems such as gas air conditioning, gas cogeneration, and developing “an energy service system” which realizes energy-saving, cost reduction and environmental load reduction as well as realizes environmental measures.

Research and development of commercial kitchen appliances Tokyo Gas is conducting ongoing research to make the environment in kitchens in restaurants, hospitals, and schools, etc. comfortable and easy to use, and to allow the people who use them to provide delicious food.
Analysis of convection and diffusion of exhaust gas from gas cogeneration system Evaluation of the effect of exhaust from gas cogeneration systems on the environment.
Thermal environmental analysis of kitchens using SUZUCHU® state-of-the-art gas stoves The thermal environments and human comfort levels in commercial kitchens are evaluated using computational fluid dynamics.
Computerized industrial gas meter Introduction of our latest gas meter for the accurate measurement of gas volume
The high-efficiency oxygen generating device "HT-PSA" Development of oxygen generation technology with an electric power consumption rate of an unsurpassed level