Technical development


Comfortable housing and lifestyle - Residential Sector

Tokyo Gas continues technical development that further advances the usability of kitchens, baths, floor heating and other gas appliances in order to offer a more comfortable life to customers. In 2005, Tokyo Gas finally launched “a residential fuel cell system” that is able to generate electricity and hot water from town gas. Tokyo Gas will advance technical development for the sake of your ultimate comfortable daily life.

Development of the new model of a residential fuel cell, "ENE-FARM" In April of 2013, the new model, which offers reductions in cost and in the space required for installation, will be released.

Development of FPS (fuel processing system) for ENE-FARM Development of a small, low-cost fuel processing system and desulfurization device
Development to establish Eco-JOES as the de facto standard Helping to estbalish the de facto standard by expanding variations and improving ease of installation
The comfort of floor heating The comfort of floor heating is recognized through a questionnaire survey.
Mist sauna Using the abundant heat that is unique to gas hot water, and enjoying a full sauna
Creation of new life values and new products based on physiological and psychological evaluations Introduction of product development by a human-centered approach
Development of SOLAMO, a the gas-fired solar hot water system utilizing heat Utilizing solar heat for floor heating
R&D into residential kitchen appliances Introduction of the research on products and comfort to enjoy cooking in the kitchen with Pipitto Konro and an oven
EneLook remote control Remote control for a water heater showing energy usage at home
Alarm R&D To protect our customers from any possibility of gas leakage, incomplete combustion of gas appliances, and fire, Tokyo Gas is working to develop and increase the reliability of alarm systems.
Initiatives related to providing visualizing of energy usage Tokyo Gas is working towards providing a visual representation of energy used in the home (gas/electricity/hot water, etc.).
Urban Life Research Institute(Japanese only) The Urban Life Research Institute (ULRI) offers a variety of proposals for genuinely valuable living for urban people.