Since its foundation in 1885, Tokyo Gas’s basic policy has been to establish itself as a business organization capable of contributing actively to the well-being of the local community through the supply of city gas, its main product, thereby winning the confidence of the local residents who are its customers. Today, Tokyo Gas serves about 10 million customers comprising individual households and commercial users in the Tokyo metropolitan area and seven prefectures, including Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama and others.

It has always been Tokyo Gas’s ultimate goal to maintain a constant, steady, and safe supply of city gas to its customers.

As an important public gas utility responsible for providing a safe and stable energy supply to customers, we consider ensuring “safety, security, and reliability” to be a top priority in respect of materials and works procurements as well.

There have been discussions regarding approaches to energy in Japan from wide-ranging perspectives since the nuclear power plant accident and electric power demand and supply problems caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011. Considering these conditions, in November 2011 the Tokyo Gas Group compiled “Challenge 2020 Vision” as a long-term corporate vision toward 2020.

Given the current harsh energy situation, the Group seeks to contribute to society by working toward enhancement of energy security that supports safe and secure living, energy cost reduction to support the rapid reconstruction and sustained growth of Japan, and energy system innovation to support energy conservation and CO2 emissions reduction through efforts to enhance the LNG value chain.

In order to lower the cost of supply of city gas so as to remain the customer’s choice despite competition from other energy sources while at the same time maintaining the technological capability to guarantee “safety, security, and reliability,” we are committed to procuring high-quality, economical materials and services from a range of suppliers, both at home and abroad, and strive to build good business relations through fair and equitable purchasing activities.
Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. Purchasing Department

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