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Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report 2016

Editorial Policy

This report provides information on how Tokyo Gas Group is meeting society's expectations and addressing the challenges that we face in the LNG value chains that form the core of our business. It is designed to keep our stakeholders clearly informed about the Group's CSR activities. The 2016 edition has the following features:

  1. (1)The Group has determined its key CSR activities and is working as one to implement them. In fiscal 2014, we reviewed these key activities in light of the formulation of the "Main Policies FY2015-2017 toward Realizing the Challenge 2020 Vision", and identified those aspects assessed to be the most important from the perspective of our stakeholders and our company as specific issues ("material aspects").
    In the "CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group" section of this report, we describe the Group's LNG value chain and its impact on society, the processes by which we identify material aspects, and the arrangements that we have in place to promote good CSR practices.
  2. (2)"Key CSR Activities and Material Aspects: Targets and Performance" reports on performance for fiscal 2015 (management situation, results of activities, and so on) as measured by CSR indicators established for each material aspect to assist application of PDCA to our CSR activities.
  3. (3)"Stakeholder Dialogue" focuses on expert opinion concerning supply chain management, which will assume ever greater importance as we expand and globalize our operations as a total energy company.
  4. (4)We have enhanced our Environmental Report, Social Report, and Governance Report to provide investors, CSR researchers and evaluators, and other interested parties with more information to assist their analyses of the Group.

Production of these publications was led by the Editing Working Group, whose members were selected from each of the company's divisions and departments. They carefully checked all the information to be published, confirmed the progress of the PDCA cycle in each area of activity, and coordinated all content with the various departments involved.

Members of the Editing Working Group
Residential Sales and Service Div.: Yuichi Doi
Energy Solution Div.: Shou Kato, Miho Sakato
Regional Development Div.: Tamayo Kuramoto
Pipeline Network Div.: Satsuki Handa
Regasification & Power Generation Div.: Marina Satake
Energy Resources & Global Business Div.: Mayumi Ozono
IT Div.: Hiromi Yokoo
Corporate Planning Dept.: Fumiaki Kobayashi
Finance Dept.: Takao Koyama
Personnel Dept.: Shunya Hayashi, Yoko Inohana
Purchasing Dept.: Nobuko Nakayama
General Administration Dept.: Hiromi Hasumi
Environmental Affairs Dept.: Makiko Arai, Noriko Yokoyama
Fundamental Technology Dept.: Toru Hatae
Power Business Planning Dept.: Tetsunosuke Arakawa
Compliance Dept.: Norihiko Tanaka
Internal Audit Dept.: Hidenari Ozawa
Corporate Communications Dept.: Masahiro Nakase
CSR Section, Corporate Communications Dept.: Shuichi Hanada, Miyuki Ogiwara, Ayako Yamaguchi, Aya Hachimura

Report Outline

Overview of CSR Disclosure

Overview of CSR Disclosure


Primarily fiscal 2015 (April 1, 2015-March 31, 2016), with additional information on other fiscal years.


Tokyo Gas on a non-consolidated basis and its subsidiaries and affiliates. Tokyo Gas LIFEVAL and partner companies are also included in some sections.
Environmental performance data for fiscal 2015 are for Tokyo Gas and its 47 consolidated subsidiaries in Japan.

Publication Period

December 2016 (Last year's report was published in December 2015. The next is scheduled for October 2017.)

Referenced Guidelines

GRI "Sustainability Reporting Guidelines version 4 (G4)"
Japanese Standards Association "ISO 26000: 2010"
Ministry of the Environment of Japan "Environmental Reporting Guidelines (2012 Version)"

The environmental performance indicators, environmental accounting indicators, and social performance indicators provided in this report have been third-party assured by KPMG AZSA Sustainability Co., Ltd. (a member of the KPMG Japan group) to enhance the credibility of the data.


Membership of Associations and/or Advocacy Organizations

Tsuyoshi Okamoto, Director and Chairman of the Board of Tokyo Gas, serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Councillors of KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation) and Chairman of the Japan Gas Association.

Publication History

From FY1994 "Environmental Report" issued
From FY2005 Expanded to include CSR in the scope of the report, and issued as the "Tokyo Gas CSR Report" (website and booklet)
From FY2009 Scope of the report was expanded to include subsidiaries and affiliates (issued only on the website)
From FY2010 "Tokyo Gas CSR and Corporate Profile" issued (booklet)
From FY2015 "Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report" issued on website (full report) and as a booklet (digest edition)

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