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Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report 2016

Stakeholder Communication
Engagement with Main Stakeholders

Tokyo Gas Group practices CSR in the course of its daily business activities while interacting with its various stakeholders.

In order to practice sustainable management we are disclosing corporate data in a timely and appropriate manner. At the same time, we are soliciting the opinions of our stakeholders, reviews of our CSR reports, and the opinions of outside experts while working to improve communication with our own customers at the point of service, and using this feedback to improve our activities.

Main stakeholders Main demands and expectations Main responses of the Group Examples of engagement opportunities
  • Stable supply of energy
  • Ensuring of safety and quality of energy and products
  • Provision of information on appropriate products and services
  • Provision of environmentally friendly products and services
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Receipt of applications, feedback, and inquiries
  • Improvements based on feedback
  • Periodic safety inspections of gas equipment
  • Meter readings
  • Gas appliance repair
  • Local service outlets
    (Tokyo Gas LIFEVAL, Enesta, Enefit)
  • Customer Center (phone and email)
  • Customer feedback postcards
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Provision of information and promotion of understanding concerning measures to ensure stability of city gas supply and prevent disasters
  • Tours of LNG terminals and disaster prevention facilities
  • Provision of information on energy, the environment, household facilities, appliances, etc.
  • Proposal of comfortable home and lifestyle solutions
  • Provision of cooking classes
  • Gas Science Museum
  • Gas Museum
  • Shinjuku Showroom and Yokohama Showroom
  • Kitchen Lands
  • Gas exhibitions and other events
  • Seminars
  • Provision of information on energy, facilities, appliances, and services
  • Provision of tips for everyday life (on food, saving money and energy, etc.)
  • Tokyo Gas website
  • Email newsletters
  • Facebook
Shareholders and investors
  • Maintenance and improvement of corporate value
  • Equitable distribution of profits
  • Timely and appropriate information disclosure
  • Disclosure of information on performance and finances
  • Explanation of state of Group's activities and plans
  • General shareholders meetings
  • Financial results briefings
  • Service plan briefings
  • Briefings and one-on-one meetings with individual investors
  • Facility tours for individual shareholders
  • Annual reports
  • Shareholder correspondence
  • Disclosure of investor relations information on website
Global environment
  • Prevention of global warming
  • Conservation of biodiversity
  • Creation of resource-saving society
  • Provision of information and promotion of understanding regarding Group's environmental activities
  • Provision of opportunities to experience environmental activities
  • Environmental events for customers
  • Sharing of information on Group's environmental activities, provision of information and awareness raising on environmental protection
  • The Group's environmental contribution award system
  • Internal the Group training, study tours, and presentations
Local communities
  • Contribution to solution of social issues in individual countries and regions
  • Support for education of next generation
  • Provision of information and awareness raising concerning Group's disaster prevention activities
  • Provision of information contributing to safety and peace of mind in everyday life
  • Monitoring of views/demands and incorporation into activities
  • Disaster prevention events organized by local governments
  • Local activities
  • Provision of information and awareness raising on disaster prevention
  • Disaster prevention events cohosted with NPOs
  • Support for environmental protection activities
  • Environmental groups supported by Tokyo Gas Environment Support Fund
  • Provision of information, promotion of understanding, and provision of opportunities to experience energy and the environment
  • Support for education in schools (teaching in schools, training for teachers, and provision of information via out-of-school learning activities, educational materials, and e-learning site)
  • "Donguri" outdoors environmental education project
  • "HIIKU" fire education program for next generation youth
  • Support for para sports
  • Support for children's sports for next generation
  • Activities as an Official Partner of the Japanese Para-Sports Association
  • Provision of opportunities for active engagement in sports through soccer coaching, tournaments, etc.
  • Volunteer activities undertaken by employees
  • Support for regions affected by Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Collection and donation of used stamps, cards, and spoiled postcards
  • Support for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Activities as an Official Partner (in Gas & Gas Utility Services category) of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games
Administrative organizations
  • Tax payments
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Cooperation in public policy and programs to solve social issues
  • Participation in urban development through main line of business
  • Development of smart towns
  • Urban revitalization and housing complex regeneration
  • Re-development projects
  • Participation in local government committees and workshops
  • Bodies such as environmental councils
  • Promotion of disaster prevention activities
  • Participation in central and local government disaster prevention drills
  • Provision of information to resolve social issues and promote policy implementation
  • Tours of experimental and demonstration testing facilities such as Senju Ei-WALK and Ku-Ra-Sou Home
Business partners
  • Fair and equitable business transactions
  • Practice of CSR procurement
  • Provision of fair and equitable business opportunities through disclosure of standards, policies, etc.
  • Website disclosure of Guidelines for Purchasing Activities and Basic Requirements for Purchasing
  • Briefings for business partners
  • CSR questionnaire surveys of business partners
  • Regular consultation with business partners
  • Improvement of quality and appeal of products in collaboration with business partners
  • Recognition of efforts made by business partners at Business Partner Appreciation Awards
  • Provision of opportunities to further understanding of our operations
  • Organization of tours of facilities for business partners
  • Diversity
  • Development of human resources
  • Creation of a comfortable work environment
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Promotion of opportunities for diverse human resources
  • Career development seminars for women
  • LGBT seminars
  • Employee skills development
  • Career planning counseling
  • Support for personal development
  • Sharing of various information and promotion of understanding concerning Group
  • Regular interviews with superiors
  • Various training
  • Workplace communication activities
  • Group newsletter and intranet
  • Handling of consultations on compliance, human rights, etc. in Group
  • Monitoring of employee attitudes
  • Advisory service desks (compliance, human rights, etc.)
  • Employee opinion surveys
  • Provision of information and awareness raising on occupational safety and health
  • Action on mental health and prevention of lifestyle-related diseases
  • Meetings and training on safety and health
  • Action to maintain and improve health
  • Stabilization and improvement of labor-management relations
  • Labor-management dialogue/consultation

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