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Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report 2016

Stakeholder Communication
Questionnaire Results and Highlights of Feedback

In order to obtain wide-ranging feedback from stakeholders, the Tokyo Gas Group has incorporated a "Feedback Manager" into its CSR report website and also conducts questionnaires on CSR. The feedback obtained is shared with the relevant parties and used to make improvements to daily business activities and future CSR reports.

Results of the Questionnaire on the Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report 2015

Rating of Tokyo Gas Group CSR Activities
Rating of Tokyo Gas Group CSR Activities
Areas of Interest (Multiple Responses Allowed)
Areas of Interest (Multiple Responses Allowed)

Feedback Highlights

Views on safety, disaster prevention, and continuity of supply

  • Tokyo Gas should put in place comprehensive arrangements for responding to unexpected problems in the event of an earthquake, etc.
  • Tokyo Gas should exercise leadership in the event of a disaster.
  • Want Tokyo Gas to continue providing safe and stable service.

Views on the environment

  • Tokyo Gas should supply environmentally friendly electricity.
  • Interested in smart energy networks, as they are both environmentally friendly and contribute to communities.
  • Have high hopes for cogeneration systems.

Views on business activities

  • Look forward to the Group's development, both in Japan and abroad, as a company that provides not just gas but all kinds of energy.
  • Want to know more about the Group's CSR activities in other countries.
  • Would like the Group to step up activities for people with disabilities, older people, and children.

Views on the report

  • Content is full and detailed, but much of it is highly specialized and hard for the layperson to understand.
  • Feel the information is too detailed, making it hard to grasp the big picture.
  • Would like to be able to view it as a PDF.

A number of registered "CSR reviewers" also kindly completed the questionnaire.

  • CSR reviewers: Individuals registered with DFF Inc., operator of the "Feedback Management" service, who have expressed interest in actively participating in questionnaires and research on CSR.

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