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Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report 2016

Stakeholder Communication
Important Notices

Disclosure of Information on Events that Affected Stakeholders

Tokyo Gas issued 215 press releases (media announcements) in fiscal 2015, of which nine were about events that had affected customers and/or society. These issues are listed here as "important notices" and are also posted on our website.

Press release subject No. of cases Our response
Loss and leakage of customer information 4 To prevent further damage from occurring in these cases, we immediately contacted every customer involved to explain the situation and apologize. Recognizing the protection of customer information as a crucial issue, we take these cases seriously and strive to prevent a recurrence of similar incidents in cooperation with the responsible departments, as well as subsidiaries, affiliates, and outsourcing partners that are contracted to handle such information.
Countermeasures for defects and other problems with gas equipment sold under the Tokyo Gas brand 1 The following case was addressed by notifying those customers who could be identified, setting up toll-free numbers, informing users of safety precautions, inspecting and replacing the products or parts in question, and taking other appropriate measures.
  • Fan convector made by Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
Non-submission of notification under the Construction Material Recycling Act 1 We provided education, improved our systems, and strengthened our arrangements for double-checking documents and registers pertaining to notifications under the Construction Material Recycling Act.
Incorrect disclosure of customer information via the "myTokyoGas" and "TG CLUB" services for checking information on gas rates. 1 Affected customers were contacted individually to explain the situation and apologize. We are taking steps to prevent a similar recurrence in the future.
Issuance of unsuitable passwords for the "Remote PLUS" service for remotely controlling home appliances, and the "Tashikameru" service for checking if the gas is off when out. 1 "Notifications" were sent individually to the customers affected to apologize and ask them to change their passwords. We are taking steps to prevent a similar recurrence in the future.
Distribution and replacement of expired products at gas exhibitions. 1 Apologies were immediately made to all customers who could be identified, and the products they had received were replaced. Customers who could not be identified were asked to contact Tokyo Gas via a press release. We have not to date received any reports of customers falling ill as a result of consuming the products concerned.

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