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Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report 2016

Stakeholder Communication
Major Awards and Recognition

Award title Awarded by Details Recipient
2016 Japan Resilience Awards
Best Contribution to Resilience Award (Energy)
Association for Resilience Japan Awarded in recognition of the contribution made by the spread of ENE-FARM residential fuel cell systems equipped with a self-sustaining power generation function to making homes and communities more disaster resilient. Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Corporation
Kanto Tohoku Industrial Safety and Inspection Department Director's Award for Distinguished Contributions to Electrical Safety Kanto Tohoku Industrial Safety and Inspection Department Awarded for the recipient's long and exceptional contribution to safety activities through his work on the Research Committee for Prevention of Electric Corrosion, and his involvement as key engineer in a range of activities, including the incorporation of standards into global standards as Japan’s ISO representative on electric corrosion prevention and the formulation of technical standards for Japan’s Electricity Business Act. Fumio Kajiyama
Supply Control & Disaster Management Dept.
Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
FY 2015 Awards for Distinguished Contributions to Gas Safety
Economy, Trade and Industry Minister's Award
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Awarded to individuals and organizations for distinguished achievements in ensuring city gas safety. Mitsugu Suzuki
Kazuo Nohara
Emergency Management Dept.
Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
FY2015 Awards for Distinguished Contributions to Gas Safety
Kanto Tohoku Industrial Safety and Inspection Department Director's Award
Awarded to individuals and organizations for distinguished achievements in ensuring safety Tokyo Gas Group
[Service Outlet category]
1 establishment
[Individual category]
17 individuals
52nd Conference of the Japan Sewage Works Association
[Oral Presentation Sessions category]
Outstanding Presentation Award
Japan Sewage Works Association Awarded for presentation co-authored with the Yokohama City Environmental Planning Bureau regarding the results of empirical testing of upgrading sewage sludge digestion gas (biogas) using a membrane separation system conducted jointly with Yokohama City since FY2013, and its potential contribution to the development of sewage systems. Asami Saito
Fundamental Technology Dept.
Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
2015 CRM Best Practice Awards and the Oboshi Award special prize. CRM Association Japan Awarded for development of a new model for integrating customer support outlets to create the "LIVALIT" LIFEVAL support system, which centralizes customer data so that it can be shared and used across the Group to improve customer service. LIFEVAL Project Management Dept.
Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity
[Early Adopter of Solution Technology category]
Ministry of the Environment Awarded for Hiranuma Building and its contribution to furthering Kanagawa Prefecture's Kanagawa Smart Energy Plan. Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
19th Environmental Management Survey
[Electric Power and Gas category]
Overall first place
Nikkei Inc. The Tokyo Gas Group's overall efforts were highly rated, including its contribution to combating global warming through wider installation of residential fuel cells and development of smart energy networks, and its high scores in "environmental management systems" and "action against pollution and sensitivity to biodiversity." Tokyo Gas Group
Environmental Communication Awards
[Environmental Report category]
Prize for Excellence
Ministry of the Environment Tokyo Gas' CSR report (digest edition) was highly rated for its compactness yet completeness, its detailed identification of key activities and material aspects, clear organization and presentation of content on each activity and aspect, and breadth of environmental CSR covered (including green house gas emissions along LNG value chains and biodiversity). Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
2015 Securities Analysts' Award for Excellence in Corporate Disclosure
[Electric Power/Gas Industry Division]
Excellence at Corporate Disclosure
(four times in a row; ninth award in all)
The Securities Analysts Association of Japan Judges praised Tokyo Gas's facilitation of productive discussion at briefings and similar events, and management's active approach to communicating with the market. They also commended Tokyo Gas for provision of useful information for analyzing finances and future prospects, its clear position on returns for shareholders, and the completeness of its fact books, annual reports, and other publications. Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
FY2015 Internet Website Ranking of All Listed Companies
[Electric Power and Gas category]
First place
Nikko Investor Relations Co., Ltd. The Tokyo Gas investor relations website was highly rated for its "comprehensibility," "user friendliness," and "quantity of information." Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
Internet IR Commendation Award 2015
(15th to date)
Daiwa Investor Relations Co., Ltd. Tokyo Gas was recognized for its performance in "timely disclosure/publication of news releases," "explanation of own business model, strengths, industry conditions, etc.," "awareness of legislation and trends and provision of environmental, social, and corporate governance information necessary for dialogue," and other areas. Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Sports Promotion Company Certification Scheme
Selected as a "Model Tokyo Sports Promotion Company."
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Awarded for initiatives and activities including "sport support day," "para sports support activities," and "organization of morning radio calisthenics." Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
4th "Mottainai" Awards
Chairman's Award
Utsunomiya City "Mottainai" Campaign Citizens' Conference Praised for its “eco-cooking program" held primarily for elementary schools in Utsunomiya since FY2005, and a decade of continuous efforts to promote green activities originating in the kitchen. Utsunomiya Branch Office, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
68th Dentsu Awards
[Corporate/Public Television Advertising category]
First prize
Dentsu Inc. The Tokyo Gas "Family Bonds: Mother" series of corporate commercials drew high praise from advertisers, media companies, creators, and other experts for outstanding advertising planning and creative advertising technique. Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
54th JAA Advertising Awards Contest for Advertisements Chosen by Consumers
[Television Commercial category]
Top prize
[Radio Commercial category]
Japan Advertisers Association The "Family Bonds: Mother" series of corporate commercials won the JAA Award (top prize in the Television Commercial category). The "Sizzling" and "A Christmas Call" series were among the 10 finalists in the Radio Commercial category. All three were acclaimed as outstanding advertisements from the perspective of consumers. Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
45th Fujisankei Communications Group Advertising Award
[Public Division] Excellence Award for Radio Advertisements
Fujisankei Communications Group The "Family Bonds: Surprise" series of corporate commercials won praise for their overall production, originality, and popular appeal. Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.

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