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Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report 2016

Governance Report
Internal Control

Internal Control System

To secure legality, soundness and transparency of our management, and to realize the management philosophy, Tokyo Gas has formulated the "Basic Policy on Development of Corporate Structures and Systems for Ensuring Appropriateness of Operations (Internal Control System) for Tokyo Gas Group" (PDF: 86KB) Click to open the PDF file and the Company is applying this policy in an appropriate manner.

Compliance with the Internal Control Reporting System

To comply with the Internal Control Reporting System under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Tokyo Gas follows the internal controls basic framework presented in Financial Services Agency standards, arranges and administers internal controls related to financial reporting, assesses their status, and improves them as necessary. In the internal controls report for the previous consolidated fiscal year prepared following this system, which found our internal controls regarding financial reporting to be effective, the Auditors expressed the opinion that all the material points were represented appropriately.

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