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Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report 2016

Social Report - For Our Shareholders & Investors
						Basic IR Policy

Tokyo Gas's investor relations activities are intended to ensure sound and transparent management through communication with the capital markets and to reflect the capital markets' expectations in our business, thereby generating better understanding of and trust in the Tokyo Gas Group.

Profit Distribution Policy

The Challenge 2020 Vision announced in November 2011 made repurchasing of treasury stock premised on retirement a means of providing returns to shareholders alongside dividends. It has also set a target total payout ratio (the proportion of dividends and treasury stock repurchases to consolidated net income) of around 60% every fiscal year through to fiscal 2020 and will moderately increase dividends in tandem with growth, taking into overall account mid- to long-term profit levels.

Formula for calculating total payout ratio in a given fiscal year

Total payout ratio in fiscal year n = {(total annual dividends in fiscal year n) + (amount of treasury stocks repurchased in fiscal year n + 1)} / (consolidated net income in fiscal year n)


Investor Relations

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