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Tokyo Gas CSR Report 2016

Social Report - Respect for Human Rights
Basic Stance on Human Rights

Tokyo Gas Group has established the following policies on human rights as part of Our Code of Conduct, which is based on our Management Philosophy and Corporate Action Philosophy.

  1. We will respect human rights and will not discriminate or harass anyone on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, origin, nationality, disability, education, social status, or other such grounds.
  2. We will respect one another's positions and treat everyone equally, irrespective of form of employment, gender, title, or any other differences.
  3. We will not commit sexual harassment, workplace bullying, or any other acts that infringe the dignity of the individual. We will also not allow to condone such acts.

The concept of human rights includes all the basic human rights laid out not only in the Constitution of Japan and Japan’s Labor Standards Act, but also in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It further encompasses the basic rights regarding labor (freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, elimination of forced labor, abolition of child labor, elimination of discrimination) stipulated in the ILO International Labour Standards, as well as the local laws, culture, and practices of the countries in which our offices are located. As we further expand our business overseas, all of our related departments will work together to advance our initiatives for the respect of human rights.

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