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Tokyo Gas CSR Report 2016

Social Report - Efforts to Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Customer-oriented Structure and Activities

Customer-oriented CS Mindset

In order to continue to be the customer's first choice, we place emphasis on delivering satisfaction as well as products. This emphasis informs the basic stance of Tokyo Gas Group encapsulated by the "CS Mindset" laid down in Our Code of Conduct. The CS Mindset serves as the policy on which we base our judgments and actions. We will continue to ensure that all individuals in Tokyo Gas Group are thoroughly aware of the CS Mindset to ensure that we remain a corporate group that always puts the customer first.

Elements of the CS Mindset
Elements of the CS Mindset

Structure of CS Promotion

We receive customer feedback via our Customer Center, the Internet, and service quality surveys. These "voices of our customers" are shared within the company, all the way up to top management, and are actively utilized to improve our daily activities and enhance the quality of our products and services.

Structure of CS Promotion
Structure of CS Promotion

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Customer Satisfaction Promotion Committee

Improving customer satisfaction (CS) is a Tokyo Gas Group management priority, which is why we established a Customer Satisfaction Promotion Committee in fiscal 2004. Composed of the members of the Corporate Executive Meeting and chaired by the President, this committee deliberates issues that are difficult for individual workplaces and departments to resolve by themselves, as well as other issues that need to be considered by the company as a whole. A CS Improvement Promotion Subcommittee has also been established, composed of leaders of the departments that come into frequent contact with customers, in order to promote a variety of programs to enhance customer satisfaction.

CS Meetings Held in Each Department

In order to listen to our customers and swiftly respond to their needs, each business department and group holds various CS meetings for the following purposes: to gain an understanding of the current situation via customer feedback; to deliberate and implement business improvement plans; and to discuss and share information on CS programs.

Service Quality Surveys

To help us meet diversifying customer needs, we monitor satisfaction by conducting "service quality surveys" of key services that bring us into contact with our customers.

Survey Details
Services surveyed Periodic safety inspections of gas equipment, commencement of gas service, paid-for TES inspections, explanation of TES use, and appliance repairs
Survey method Mail questionnaires
Survey content Quality of work performed and satisfaction with service personnel
Service Quality Surveys Conducted in FY2015 (Satisfaction with Service Personnel)
Percentage responding "satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" (5-step scale)
Periodic safety inspections of gas equipment 95.7%
Commencement of gas service 93.9%
Paid-for TES inspections 94.3%
Explanation of TES use 92.3%
Appliance repairs 95.7%

Support Provided by the Customer Center

Tokyo Gas's Customer Center provides wide-ranging telephone support for the entire Group. To allow customer inquiries to be answered as swiftly and accurately as possible, we are enhancing support arrangements in a number of ways. These include optimized shift scheduling based on improved personnel management and detailed forecasts of when calls are most likely to be received, and the development of arrangements for handling specialized inquiries (including technical questions on construction work and appliances).

Use of Feedback

Identifying issues from our feedback database

Feedback received by the Customer Center and other departments and by sales personnel who come into contact with customers is swiftly directed to the departments responsible so that any necessary action can be taken. A database of these feedback flows is retained in our customer feedback system to enable us to track and analyze customer expectations of the Group and identify issues that need to be addressed.

Breakdown of customer feedback

We received 20,784 comments from customers in fiscal 2015. These consisted of expressions of thanks (9.2%), complaints (11.6%), and system requests (79.2%).

The Customer Center continuously gathers a wide range of customer feedback and focuses in particular on system requests.

Breakdown of Customer Feedback
Breakdown of Customer Feedback

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Improvement of services based on customer feedback

Customer feedback is utilized by individual departments to improve their operations, and a portion is reported to customers via our website.

Feedback-based improvement (1)

Customer feedback

  • I'm signed up for the TES maintenance service and would like to see it extended to cover other gas appliances like stoves.
  • Tokyo Gas should consider providing some other form of service after the 15-year contract expires.

Improvements made

  1. The onsite service fee has been waived for breakdowns and other problems with gas appliances not normally covered during the term of the TES maintenance service contract.
    • Note 1:
      Gas appliances must be connected to the same gas meter as that covered by the customer's TES maintenance service contract.
    • Note 2:
      If repairs are required, the customer is still charged an engineering fee and the cost of replacement parts.
    TES maintenance service agreement
  2. The onsite service fee is waived for three years after the end of the 15-year maintenance service contract for breakdowns and other problems with TES appliances that were covered by the contract.
    • Note 3:
      Waived for customers who present an "End of contract notification" postcard bearing a free onsite service coupon.
End-of-contract notification postcard with free onsite service coupon
End-of-contract notification postcard with free onsite service coupon
Feedback-based improvement (2)

Customer feedback

It should be made possible to apply online at any time for gas service to be commenced or terminated. It should also be made possible to apply for work to be performed sooner.

Improvements made

The hours of availability of Tokyo Gas's online application service were extended to allow the service to be used around the clock. The time from application to performance of work was also shortened so that the soonest that work can now be performed is the afternoon of the same day if applied for by 7:30 a.m., the morning of the next day if applied for by 6:00 p.m., and the afternoon of the next day if applied for by midnight.

<Before improvement>
<After improvement>
Availability of Tokyo Gas's online application service

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