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Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report 2016

Key CSR Activities and Material Aspects: Targets and Performance - Promotion of Compliance
Permeation and Rigorous Practice of Compliance

<Reasons for identification of material aspects>

Because applying PDCA to compliance and practicing fair and transparent management is fundamental to the Tokyo Gas Group's continued engagement in business.

Performance in FY2015: Overview and Assessment

Criteria for evaluating indicators Target achieved (100% or above)
Target not achieved but improved from previous fiscal year (not 100% achieved but improved from previous fiscal year)
× Target not achieved
Qualitative indicators with no evaluation axis are evaluated on the basis of whether or not progress has been made since the previous fiscal year.
(CSR indicator)
FY2015 results Evaluation
Steady implementation of a PDCA cycle to promote compliance
  • The state of support provided by the compliance advisory service desks, the monitoring of permeation of compliance awareness, auditing results, etc. are deliberated and confirmed twice a year by the Management Ethics Committee, chaired by the President.
  • Fostering of a compliance oriented mentality
  • PDCA was applied to compliance at Tokyo Gas and its group companies. More specifically, workplace workshops (taught by the case method using the most recent examples) were held following our annual plan for raising compliance awareness and confirming employees' knowledge of Our Code of Conduct as the basis of good practice. The results of annual surveys of attitudes, audits, and other information were further incorporated into plans for the next fiscal year.
  • 23,745 participants took part in the workplace workshops.
  • Provided onsite training in the form of level-specific training and made-to-order training programs tailored to individual companies' and departments' circumstances (2,634 participants took part in a total of 73 sessions).
  • Information on compliance was provided in an appropriate and timely manner in response to changing public expectations (six issues of "Compliance Information" published and distributed within the Tokyo Gas Group).
  • Provided support via compliance advisory service desks (52 cases handled).
  • Confirmed the permeation of compliance by means of opinion surveys, conducted compliance auditing of the company and its subsidiaries and affiliates by the Internal Audit Department. Also provided assistance with addressing issues identified as a result of audits.

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Key Future Initiatives from FY2016

(CSR indicator)
Key initiatives
Steady implementation of a PDCA cycle to promote compliance
  • PDCA cycles will be followed to raise employees' compliance awareness in pace with our business expansion, and to strengthen action on compliance in line with our Main Policies.

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